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Grieving in silence isn't a good way to deal with your grief

Dont Grieve in Silence

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ok, This week we are getting back on track but to do that there is a grieving process. This process is a natural part of coping with the loss of a loved one. Yet many people especially us guy we like to go at it alone and in silence. This Stoic approach may help us feel noble and strong when we are faced with a moment of weakness. Yet Rachel takes the approach to share your grief. Talk about what you are going through. She poses a very good position on why staying silent isn’t good for you nor those …

Talking about suicide and how to keep out loved ones alive

Lets Talk Suicide

Reading Time: 7 minutes This week was supposed to be about smiling and how it brings positive attitudes. But, that’s not going to happen this week. Instead, we are going down a sadder road. My personal world was recently rocked by a friend of mine who killed himself. I have had people who I know who have committed suicides before, but this is the first person who was a close friend. I had a coworker who suddenly was never going to clap me on the shoulder and say its good to see you. That was a bit of a shock. Yet he wasn’t as close …

here are some essential mastermind points

Essentials to a Good Mastermind

Reading Time: 3 minutes Masterminds, maybe you have heard of them. They are, in a nutshell, a group of people who are vested in seeing you succeed in whatever objective you have set. These people often become your best friends but these people are there to make sure you are performing to the best of your abilities as you make different decisions with your life. The members of your mastermind group will tell you when you are lying to yourself. They will cheer and celebrate when you hit a goal. Masterminds are the oil to your success engine. It helps to make sure everything …

Bring me your good vibes

3 ways you can change your mindset

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mindset, the way you attack a problem will determine the type of success you have. The more positive your mindset the better the chance you have at achieving your goals. Yet we are human and we as people fight the negativity so much that is it a challenge to stay a bright and shining ray of happiness and a positive attitude. So how can you keep a positive mindset when life is pounding your tail into the ground? That is where today’s post comes in to play. What happens if you notice you have a negative mindset? Your disposition is …

Who is the Relaxed Male? What is their purpose? We talk about it being about the site being for a guy.

Its about the guy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Welcome to the Relaxed Male. This blog and the soon to be store is a haven for men. I am intending this site to be a lifestyle type of blog that helps bring masculinity back to today’s male. I see young men who are struggling with their identity. They are fighting against their very nature because society doesn’t like strong leading men. That is what it appears to be through my eyes. I am a bit old-fashioned. So there are things I see from a different angle. These views are not bad, though some might want to bend it that …