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The Language of Fear

Reading Time: 7 minutes When was the last time you stared fear in the face? I bet there was a time that comes to mind. Maybe it was that time you were walking down a path and you came face to face with a rattlesnake. Then again it may have been when you got that call from your son that he was in a wreck. There are those times that we know we are facing fear. There are those times that fear actually shows up in other ways that we are not aware of. Yet you can notice fear because of the words that …

My Goals for 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes I am about setting goals. So as a means of holding me accountable I share my goals with you. That way you can see how I set my goals so you can too.

Making a 12 week Calendar

Reading Time: < 1 minute This year I am going to try a different tactic. I like the 12 week sprint. So I am going to try this method this year. I really would like a good example of how to set up a 12 week year layout, because my organization skills are nonexistent. So this video had a link to a template that is helping tremendously. Share3TweetPin2ShareShare5 Shares

My 2019 Year in Review

Reading Time: 9 minutes Wow, 2019 is gone. The Teens are gone. Time for a new decade and a new chance to start a new path. We have talked about paths but at the end of the year is when I really like to get specific and talk about goals. WE have to work towards something. You know how I like sayings and there is one that fits this topic right now. If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time. In other words, if you want to be something you have to aim for something. If you want to sit on …