Why Gratitude is Important

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Wow, that time of year already. November is encroaching upon us. The summer is gone. Fall is rapidly succumbing to the lure of rest. We are getting to see another Halloween, and then we have our day of thanks. This is why November, for me, isn’t a month for guys to put down their razors for a month. November is the month of reflecting and talking about gratitude.

Being grateful is a reoccurring theme on this site because without gratitude you won’t reach any of your goals. I get it, that sounds so definite and it is. You might be able to reach some of your goals, but you will hit a wall and not lose sight of how far you have come without gratitude. You will fall into the scarcity mindset far easier without gratitude than you ever would with gratitude.  What are other reasons for gratitude? Why is it so important for you to have gratitude in your life and mindset?

It’s the root of an abundant mindset

You have heard me talk a lot about having an abundant mindset. I have expounded why if you want to achieve your goals and follow your path having an abundant mindset is crucial to accomplishing your why. If you come upon a struggle, you are more likely to look at that difficult time as something good. When you bounce off it in total failure, your gratitude will actually be the buffer you need so that you are able to get back up and try again. You are thankful for that opportunity and

You will fail on your path, that is a given. Gratitude gets you back up on your feet and going again. Gratitude acts as the needed armor for life’s challenges, obstacles, and the upsets you will face. Not only will being thankful help you as you are on your path but at life in general. Having a grateful mindset sets you up to be accepting of whatever negative that happens.

If you are trying to get a site set up. You get the landing page up, the order forms are lined out. You have thrown open your doors and…

Not even crickets


You think after 4 weeks you have to have had maybe 2oo people stop by to read your words of wisdom. Therefore, you go to your analytics and to your surprise, you see you have had 5 visitors. That’s all not 5 in one day but 5 in one month. What should you do? Well, many people would just throw in a towel and say that the whole internet thing doesn’t work. While those with gratitude would be happy to see that, they reached five people. They would be thankful for those five people, even if three of those five people were friends and family. You had people stop by. A grateful person wouldn’t give up. They would see if they could get another five people.

Gratitude saves more people’s sanity and the lives of fledgling businesses than sheer determination ever could. The reason is you keep your why. Determination leads to burnout. You are fighting friction so much that it is hard to keep up the pace needed to go through the trial and error.

Therefore, with gratitude, you have more. Being grateful helps, you see that the trials and tribulations of your journey are not as harrowing as others think. Often the person with an abundant mindset looks at an event as simply an adventure while a scarcity-minded person worries about the danger that is not there.

Gratitude opens you up for learning

There has been more than one time in my life that I have been trying something that I really shouldn’t. Often an experience would cause me to end up flat on the ground, sometimes with the air knocked out of me. As I got up the first words out of my mouth were, “That was stupid”. I learned a lesson from that experience. Now I could say it was somebody else fault for not marking that goat as being ornery. Then again, I could be grateful and be glad I wasn’t hurt and that I have learned what the disposition of this particular caprine.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on unsplash

With each failure, there is a lesson learned. You can either be closed off from that learning, or you can be grateful for the lessons learned. You can take the experiences both good and bad and look at them through the lens of gratitude.  You can take what happened, and yeah it sucked but you learned something from it. So, if you accept that the lesson is a good one, then apply the lessons with gratitude you are improving each and every day.

Being thankful connects you to others

Having gratitude makes you nicer. You are happier, easier to get along with. which makes you even more fun to be with. Therefore, it is easy to understand that when you are a grateful person people are attracted to you. They like to be around you and hear what you have to say.

While on the other hand if you are ungrateful and complaining all the time you may attract some people but they are going to bellyache just as much as you are. The saying misery loves company shows that misery loves to be amplified. Yet after a while, people do get tired of the moaning and negative attitude that ingratitude brings. Therefor eventually if you are ungrateful you become alone, while the grateful person with their positive mindset attracts other people to them.

Well, you like being alone? If that is the case may be, you examine why you tell yourself you like to be alone. There could be an underlying reason why you are telling yourself that story.

Gratitude connects you to others
Photo by Perry Grone From unsplash.com

You are healthier

When you have a positive attitude thanks to gratitude, you also are all-around healthier. Gratitude improves that much needed mental health by helping you sleep and reduces anxiety. The reasons are evident in that you are able to think clearer and reduce the stress that your attitude is in a place that allows for both growth and acceptance. You know you are going to fail but with that failure, you are going to learn. You are then taking all that experience in as a grand adventure.

Physically speaking when you are in a good mood thanks to gratitude you are more willing to get out and take care of your body. With love, you have for yourself because you are grateful for what you have. Your positive attitude reducing stress allows your body to be healthier too.

gratitude helps you become healthier
Photo by Jenny Hill from unsplash.com

So find your means of having gratitude about anything and everything. Look for the sunny side of things that happen to you. Roll with those punches and see how much it helps others to be attracted to you and you find that you live a longer happier life.

If you are interested in developing your gratitude, I can help coach you. All you need to do is sign up.

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