The Relaxed Male was at first going to be an online store for guys. It was actually going to be my attempt at drop shipping. Then as I was writing blog posts, the store just fell away and then I closed it. The store was not important. I wanted to talk about the adventure of being a guy.

Eventually a few months after that, I realized that it was just men’s topics I wanted to talk about. However, I also wanted to talk about how great the outdoors was for men. Guys as a whole, are being pulled about 30 different ways. Often men in their 20’s are gung-ho and ready to take on the world. Then you have the 30’s men are going full speed ahead and taking on all the different dragons and raiders that come at them.

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Oldfield Truck drier by day. Helping guys find their purpose by night. (Wow that sounded a lot dirtier than intended)

Often around this time, men become dads. They have the added task of making sure not only their queen but also their children are provided for. The kids grow up and often before they realize what has happened, the kids are grown and they are hitting the halfway point of their life. Half of their life has been dedicated to providing. Often these men realize that they are missing something. But what?

They realize they have spent their time providing giving their all to their family that they love so much. So why do they not feel complete?

Around their 40’s is when you get the dreaded midlife crisis. Men try to recapture their youth. They didn’t realize the power and beauty of their youth until it had faded. This often causes these dedicated men to start feeling stuck. They may try something dramatic like Botox hoping that in injecting a deadly poison in their face will help them regain the sensation of youth. Often these actions are nothing but a dismal dead end.

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There is always a bright side to work

Also in their 40’s men’s testosterone starts to drop. All of a sudden, men start to lose some confidence, ‘cause they may start having issues show up from time to time while in the bedroom. This and other outside influences of today’s society cause men to feel emasculated. This drop of confidence leads to men feeling hopeless confused and even frustration or downright anger. They start thinking that life is not fair. They see all the happy faces and big adventures going on through social media and they want that too.

This is what I want to address. That there is still another good 40+ years ahead of them, they don’t have to waste them feeling trapped. They can be the master of their own destiny. If you have always wanted to travel, you can. However, you have to beat your biggest enemy. That is your own mind. A man’s own beliefs are monumental. These huge hurdles will often bring a man to his knees.

Take Zig Ziggler for an example of how to train fleas. Do you know how to train fleas? If you were to want to train fleas, you would put them in a jar. While in that jar, they will jump as high as they can trying to get out. Yet they cannot because the lid is in place. Therefore, what do they do? They don’t jump as high because they believe they believe if they do they will hit a ceiling that causes pain. Eventually, you can take the lid off and the fleas will stay inside. The holdup is in your mind. I want to change your mind and help you find your inner strength. So you realize that you can get healthy, you have all the time in the world. You have enough money for everything you could possibly want.

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We all have to do something. Now is it your calling?

So I have taken this blog and turned it in the direction of Men’s Self Improvement. This blog is here to help change your mindset. Show you that you are not stuck in the current setting. The problems and challenges you face are not permanent. You are able to overcome any challenge just need to know how to believe you are able to do so.

So come along for the adventure of undoing all the training done to your mind so that you can jump out of your jar and into the life, you want.

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