Welcome to the Relaxed Male.

The Relaxed Male started out as a Men’s Magazine. That was 4 years ago. I was wanting to talk about different challenges and obstacles men were facing in today’s society. As the blog posts were created I just wasn’t really finding my voice. I wanted a site that would help men and all it appeared to be was a grump fest short of telling people to get off my lawn.

So I did what I now suggest to all men I got out of the house and went camping. It didn’t take long, driving to where I was going to camp that I thought of my first pivot. Let’s help men. Not just complain about the problems let’s address the problems men have in their day-to-day life and give them the tools to find their way, their path. I wanted to help men find their calling and how to find the connections they are missing in today’s society. The rest of that camping trip was me writing out blog topics and ideas I wanted to do in this business.

As I wrote for the next 2 years about different tools and reasons men find themselves stuck, I started paying attention to who I was really talking to. It wasn’t the 32-year-old man with a family. It was my son the 24-year old who is struggling to find his own path. This leads me to the previous 24 years of living life with this incredible man. I started to see where society was leading him astray and the rough rebellion years as he got close to graduating high school. 

Those years had many tests from him and his parents. I saw where I went wrong and where I was able to get back on the path. The saw that besides watching him grow up from the cab of a truck I also was holding on to the need to parent him, completely missing the clues that he was needing a mentor not a parent in those teenage years.

This is where Relaxed Male’s missing piece fell into place. I look around and I see men doing the very same thing. They have what is often called troubled teens. These young men are now full of anxiety and unsure of where they belong in society. These guys are begging their fathers to help and like me, they miss the mark they come crashing down with the law when the young man is needing his dad to just be a dad, not an ogre king.

How does the Relaxed Male Help?

The Relaxed Male is the father who is seeing the bond with their son being strained. Whether it is through the rebelling years or your son is an anxious kid who has changed from the fun-loving boy when he was little. 

This site is for fathers who know they are missing something and need help understanding what is happening between them and their families.

The 4 pillars

The Relaxed Male covers the 4 pillars every man needs to keep up with to have a balanced life. The reason it works so well is that you are striving for the best. To do that you have to change yourself. 

Man’s Body

This is fitness overall. You have to work your body so that you are able to be on this earth for the longest time possible. Being physically fit also has other benefits along with a more relaxed demeanor. This helps encourage your son to follow your path and this helps get the pent up energy all young men have out of their system.

Man’s Soul

Men need to be creative. Either through a hobby or through a business. You have to feel your soul for you to stay balanced. Often we are so caught up with life and trying to make ends meet that we fail to feed the very essence of who we are.

Man’s Mind

If you stop learning you start dying. You have to keep learning. If you are reading The Relaxed Male then you are out to learn how you can help your son. Broadening your horizons help you become a more interesting person and shows your son that learning never stops. 

Man’s Community

We as a whole are tribal creatures. Now I don’t mean the tribalism that is happening in today’s society. I do mean that even when you are an introvert you have to get out and be amongst people. We often have too few friends and our network of people are very limited. To be successful we have to learn how to expand our network. This is often challenging and so this is often addressed in the Relaxed Male.

Who is The Relaxed Male?

Relaxed Male is run by Bryan Goodwin. I am the goofy-looking dude you see around this site from time to time. I am from a small town in the panhandle of Texas and this area is where I had parents and grandparents instill many of the values I have. There were a few times that some values had to be driving into me through my backside. Yet those values did take, and why those values were given took a while to understand. 

Hey it is the author himself Bryan Goodwin

The value of family and the honor it is to be blessed with kids. The value of work. Humility and why you don’t want to get too big for your britches. Openness and why trust is so important. Always have a thirst for learning. These are a few of the values I have. I also have the value of honesty, understanding, and communication. All of these are important and sadly not used often enough.

I grew up listening to people. I would see someone struggling and I would sit and listen to what their problems were. I would talk with them and help them air out their messy thoughts. This became one of the roots of me finding my path of helping people. I hate seeing people struggle. Though I know that the discomfort of struggling is actually the action needed for us to grow. So I have taken my skill and now directed it to help men.

So as you browse the site Take in the blog look for a topic you are struggling with. If you can’t find it then please fill out the form below and ask away I will answer your question and if you allow for it to be used I can even answer it on the podcast.

4 Self Coaching Tools for MenStart changing your mindset.

We have worry and concerns. Then pile on the anxiety and fear that you have made the wrong choice in our life. What are you supposed to do?

Maybe you have fear of money or the lack of money. Perhaps you want more out of life. You want to achieve goals you have always wanted to pursue. You may even realize that you are not where you want to be and your attitude is in a way that you don't even recognize yourself anymore. 

Here are 4 tools that will help you change your mindset and get you on the path you so rightfully need to be on.