Ep 14 – The Abundance Mindset

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What is an abundant mindset?

People with an abundant mindset feel freer to give and share because they don’t see that the resources in their life are in scare supply. They have the motto of There is more where that came from. Often people who aim for and achieve big goals are people who have an abundance-oriented mindset. Because they aren’t worried about what they don’t have, abundant mindset folks are generally happier and easier to get along with they like to take people on their journeys and include more people in their success because they are not limited in what they can do.

More control

If you have an abundant mindset you aren’t worried about how it is out of your hands. They will take what they have and use it to the fullest extent possible. They approach jobs with more gusto and enthusiasm because they are eager to see the results of their endeavor and don’t worry as much about what won’t happen. When they do fail, they take responsibility for their actions instead of wallowing in their failure. Being abundant gives, you so much more control over your options because you are in fact not limited in the possibilities.

Characteristics of an abundant mindsetted person


You see the path before you. That means that you are able to bend with sudden changes better and you know why you have to go through this problem.


You can better understand the choices you will have to make. A person with a scarcity mindset will only see what they don’t have. Therefore, they don’t think big and worry about the lack of choices. Instead of seeing that a door is closed to you knows that yeah t could be open because it is possibly unlocked. Then again, maybe that door isn’t opening because you are pulling instead of pushing.

Less pressing problems

With an abundant mindset, you focus on the problems at hand they aren’t as pressing because you know you have plenty of resources at your disposal.

Freely share

If you have plenty of resources and thoughts, you have no problem sharing them. While if you are scarcity oriented you don’t share out of fear that you are going to run out.

Focus on what is working

Instead of bashing your head against a wall trying to make a completely big enough for you to go through, abundant mindset people won’t keep trying something that isn’t working. They freely try different avenues to get to their goal.

Revel in the resources they have.

There is an abundance so they enjoy being able to try everything they can. If you look, you will see that there are always more opportunities than you originally thought.


You will make a change to get over an obstacle instead of wasting your time reacting to every little problem. You can react or you can respond to a problem one is better while the other is filled with fear.

Welcome change

You understand that change is going to happen. Often your actions weren’t that change so you want to be accepting that the only thing in life that is constant is change. So when you approach a problem with the gusto that needed you can easily see what is and isn’t working so you have no problem making the needed sift.


Being grateful is one of the best resources you have at your grasp. Gratitude builds more energy for the actions you have to take. If you see more opportunities and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to approach them.

How does this help?

You become the go to person

People see the abundance in your life and they will migrate to you because you are helping them.

Freely share resources

You have enough to go around

Easier to get along with

Because you aren’t worried about what you don’t have you are nicer and easier going.

You are OK with failing

You understand that you are going to fail from time to time so you just get up and try a different approach

How to develop an abundant mindset

Proactive instead of reactive

Be proactive instead of reacting to an event. You see farther down the path than others so you are more prepared for those inevitable pitfalls.

Pat attention to your thoughts

How are you thinking of a problem in your life? We have 60,000 thoughts a day and many of those, if we don’t pay attention to them, will try to bring us to a scarcity mindset. So pay attention to what you are thinking. Using mindfulness meditation can help greatly in this department.

Ask yourself if that thought is coming from fear and scarcity or a place of plenty

How are you approaching a problem? Is it through fear? Change how you think and your mindset will shift drastically

Try to think bigger

Stop thinking about just the next step look bigger. Do you want your own business or do you want a business that makes 100 million a year?

Focus on what is going right instead of what is going wrong

If you fail, don’t try it again. Try something different find what is working and don’t obsess over what is not working.

Offer words of appreciation

Give thanks and give it often. Gratitude is an eternal wellspring of optimism that will help not only you but those whose lives you touch.

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