Build your gratitude with these 7 tools

7 Tools for build your Gratitude

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So you are well on your way to having a life of happiness and gratitude. You want to start taking steps to be happier and fulfilled. If life throws you lemons you have the perfect lemonade recipe to try out.

The issue is you have had a Debbie Downer attitude of several years so it will take time and patience with yourself to change course. Yet it doesn’t hurt to have some tools, and us guys always are up for tools. So try these 7 different tools for building your attitude of Gratitude.

Write Thank You Cards

This suggestion comes from Casa De Karma. This is more than just writing to someone you are thankful for. This exercise is to write a thank you card to 1-3 people a day. This helps you find reasons to be thankful. and all

Then the tough part. Actually physically write to the persons who you are grateful to, like with a physical card. Then send that thank you card to that person. Yeah, that is where the difficulty comes in.

The reason this works is that it forces to be authentic. You can just say thank you without giving a why. Doing so will come across as weak and fake, and nobody likes a fake thank you.

Write in a Gratitude Journal

Another way to get yourself into the mindset of gratitude is to write down 5-10 things you are grateful for each day. It can be easy for some while others find this to be a challenge.

This is a great exercise either way. It trains you to look at any situation and see the good in it. Got stopped for speeding? You learned that the speed limit is enforced in that section and that you will be slowing down.

The opportunities of gratitude are all around you. They are just waiting for you to spell them out. So explore your life and write down all appreciations and gratitude you see.

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Light a Candle

This one is more of a virtual exercise but it is brought to you by the site Gratefulness. The way you do this is you think of something you are grateful for. You write it out on the website and you have a virtual thank you in the form of a candle.

You can do the same thing in physical form. you can get just a plain white candle and put your appreciation of an event or person into that candle then light it.

This is more symbolic than anything but symbols help people many times. The symbol in my view is that gratitude lights up the dark world. You can use gratitude to light your life in dark and hard times.

Say I’m Grateful for… and light that beacon of hope

Don’t Complain for 24 hours

Now, this is is a challenge though if by The site The Muse. You never realize how much you bitch moan and groan till you cant. Try doing a full 24 hours of no complaining. Find ways to praise a hardship. Doing that will bring you a new found appreciation of events. And no cheating you can’t complain in your head.

Yet this exercise will put you on a fast track of positive gratitude if there ever was one.

I use to have a similar challenge that I would do for 24 hours of saying nothing negative. That is even tougher because you want to come up with alternative words for negative words. You cant say cant nor nope, or other words such as that. I have made it a full hour without a negative word and that was an amazing achievement.

Compliment People

Thanks to the website Unstuck. Do you want to change a person attitude? Complement them. I have made Scowling grocery store checkers begrudgingly smile because I complimented them for something. It doesn’t have to be anything big but something.

The challenge is to keep interested if they go into a story about that item. Which happens they tell you the history of their mother broach that they love to wear. I have had men talk with excitement about a ring they are wearing. It is fun to see if you can make someones day by paying them a compliment.

Set a Thankful Alarm

This one is new to me and thanks to Transform Leaders for this suggestion and I am going to be trying it out. Basically set a couple of alarms to go off throughout the day. When they go off you write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Sounds interesting and almost like a random Chinese Firedrill. So I look forward to trying this.

Gratitude Calendar

No this sounds fun and I am coming up with this thought today as I write this. Why not have a Facebook group for those who want to do the 30-day Gratitude Challenge.

So first let’s look at the calendar and then we will go into the challenge. I am not sure who actually created this calendar I found it on my Cousin’s Facebook wall and snagged it from her. So If you know what website made this please let me know so that I can give them the full credit and thanks they are due.

As you can see this is almost like an advent calendar. You have a new challenge each day. These are easy and helps you see that there is something to be grateful for everywhere in your life.

Found on Facebook
Credit goes to Vivienne Vermuth

So now let’s explore this challenge. I think I will start this challenge on November 12th. That will give everybody who wants to join a chance to get in on the bottom floor. If you come in late don’t worry I am glad that you were able to join. You can start on whatever day we are on or you can play catch up or you can pick up where everyone else is at.

You can sign up here.

The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge
Facebook Group · 5 members

Join Group
Hello and welcome to the 30 Gratitude Challenge. If you are joining late that is fine, I am just glad you joined. If you know someone who would like t…

I hope to see you there!

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