How to get an Abundant Mindset

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Abundance mindset and scarcity mindset You now have a good idea as to why so many people wish they had instead of going after their desires. As I was getting some research for this post I found an article that sums the scarcity mindset.

Apparently, people think that Google is too good. There are people who instead of making the better mousetrap. They want Google to stop being so darn good. They believe it is unfair that Google has the number one and number two search engines on the web. They think it is unfair that Google owns Android, which is the number one used mobile operating system in the world. They think it is unfair that Google owns Chrome the number one browser used to access the web.

 So they want Google to stop being so good. Just think what could be possible if they made something that was better than google? Yet they don’t see that. They don’t want to go higher than Google they want Google to be as low as they are. That my dear friends, is a scarcity mindset.

So how do you change that scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset? Easy, but it requires work and dedication.

Abundance Mindset In the Morning

If you are going to be an abundant minded leader. The best place to start is when you first wake up. Your mornings pretty much sets the tone for the rest of your day. We do have the saying of getting up on the wrong side of the bed.  So finding a good positive morning routine is a great start.

But the biggest shift habit that will help you develop an abundant mindset is to start a gratitude journal. Leaders with an abundant mentality are grateful for the different events. They may not be the best but gratitude allows you to see the good in everything. Say you get into a wreck. At least nobody was hurt. You see that type of thinking will keep your glass full instead of you worrying that it will empty.

You also want to become aware of what you are thinking. There are a few different ways you can do that. 


You don’t have to meditate to reach some special Zen state. You can meditate as a means of paying attention to when your mind wanders. When you are doing mindfulness exercises you focus on your breathing and anytime your mind wanders away from the task at hand, you guide it back to your breathing.

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

This gets you to see what your mind is doing. If you venture off into scarcity land you are able to gently redirect yourself over to the abundance mindset.

There are always oppertunities

Did you miss an opportunity to shine or did you give your opportunity to another guy? That is fine opportunity doesn’t only knock once. With an abundance mindset, there are plenty of opportunities hanging around just looking for you to choose them.

More times than not you actually make your own opportunity so don’t fret because you closed the door on one opportunity there is a line of them waiting for you outside. 

If you find yourself in a scarcity mindset with an opportunity remember “There are more where that came from.” 

Let your boys aim to be the strongest. it is good for them.

Resources don’t run out

Many people are afraid that they only have one good idea and they don’t want to use it because they won’t receive credit. So try to give your best ideas away. If you find yourself worrying that coworker Watkins will steal your idea, then give it willingly to him. 

You might say something like, “Hey Watkins, Try this idea it’s on the house. Don’t worry there are more where that came from.” Sound familiar? Yeah, that phrase will become your mantra as your mindset shifts.

Anytime you have a scarcity mindset. Remind yourself that there is more where that came from. Sometimes it may be hard to believe but it works.

Abundant Minded leaders see problems as a challenge.

We all face challenges. A scarcity-minded person will fear that challenge as a problem and often a permanent problem. They see the difficulty and discomfort it will cause. 

An abundant minded leader will see a challenge as a necessary event that he has to beat to get to the other side. He almost looks at different challenges as a boss fight in a video game. Yeah, it is hard you may lose a few times but in the end, you figure out how to beat the problem and you are now stronger for it.

Problems are nothing more than little set back that you have to beat before you can proceed on with your life. That problem isn’t permanent. It is there, only, till you get it out of the way. You don’t have to turn the bolder in your path to gravel. you just have to make a gap large enough for you to fit through.


Failure is life preparing you for success

Pay attention

Listen to what you are saying. When you are faced with a problem of some sorts. Are you coming at the problem from a scaricy mindset. Example,

  • Why does this have to happen now?
  • Great that’s all I need
  • What is this going to cost?
  • It’s too big.
  • I cant

You see a running pattern here?  Scarcity keeps you from approaching the challenge because you are afraid of what you will lose and you don’t see what you will gain from the experience.

Accept the Challenge

You see that the challenge is coming up. So what do you do? One way is to tap into that gratitude mind that you are working on each morning. Grab a piece of paper and start making a list as to why this challenge is a good thing for you to face.

Start writing write down every reason you can think of. It doesn’t matter how absurd you may think it is at the moment but write it all down. Then don’t stop till you have exhausted all the benefits of this issue that is in front of you.

You may only be able to come up with one or two benefits but those are your whys. Accept that challenge and focus on your “why”. The results will surprise you.

Use Affirmations

If you want to have a positive outlook, affirmations can help you in this quest.  They help by reaffirming the mindset that you are looking to achieve. If you say you are kind and giving you are less likely to have a scarcity mindset.

Just remember the key to a good affirmation is that you have to believe what you are saying to yourself. You can’t lie to yourself. You cant pull the wool over your own eyes. So say your affirmations with authority and make sure you believe them.

Set Goals

You have to strive for something so setting a goal or a few goals is important for you. Without goals, you are just sort of floating and not making any headway. That isn’t a very abundantly minded way to approach life. Abundantly mindset leaders move with intention and take a proactive stance on their destiny.

Achieving each goal improves your self-efficacy which improves your confidence in your goal of having an abundant mindset.

Keep learning

Leaders with abundant mindsets know they don’t know it all. They are not afraid that they will be passed up if they don’t know. If this happens when they realize that this is a topic they need to study and learn more on.

If you know you are able to keep learning your mindset will keep growing. These are a few tips that can get your going down the path of an abundant mindset. You can also get more information can be found at Chopra’s site So please head over there and see what you may be able to find.

Getting an abundant mindset isn’t something that you get for winning the attitude lottery it is something that you can get. Like most things that are importnat, they are earned through hard work and dedication.

You will have scarcity creep back in when you least expect it but with an abundant mindset you know that is only temporary. You learn and grow from the event and you become a better person.

Do you have an example of an abundant mindset that happened in your life? How about a Scarcity mindset? If you can share it please tell us what it was in the comments below.

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  1. Amen Bryan! We live in abundance. Never allow fear and scarcity to enter mind. Kick out scarcity, its illusion.

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