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My Goals for 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes I am about setting goals. So as a means of holding me accountable I share my goals with you. That way you can see how I set my goals so you can too.

Making a 12 week Calendar

Reading Time: < 1 minute This year I am going to try a different tactic. I like the 12 week sprint. So I am going to try this method this year. I really would like a good example of how to set up a 12 week year layout, because my organization skills are nonexistent. So this video had a link to a template that is helping tremendously. Share3TweetPin2ShareShare5 Shares

My 2019 Year in Review

Reading Time: 9 minutes Wow, 2019 is gone. The Teens are gone. Time for a new decade and a new chance to start a new path. We have talked about paths but at the end of the year is when I really like to get specific and talk about goals. WE have to work towards something. You know how I like sayings and there is one that fits this topic right now. If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time. In other words, if you want to be something you have to aim for something. If you want to sit on …

Two Goal Programs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now, these past several weeks I have been talking about goal settings and I am sure you are saying enough! I cant with your goals! And you are right it is a lot about goals, but that is because I want to accomplish my goals this year. I have such a strong taste for accomplishing what I have my eyes set on that I can see me accomplishing my goal and the benefits I will have, meeting and exceeding my goal sets. Now There are several different ways you can set your goals. But I wanted to talk about two styles …

You can use multiple systems to remember your goals. That way you are able to accomplish your goals and find more success.

The 5 Ways I am Going to Remember My Goals Next Year

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ok, Now we have our goals planned. If not you might go to last weeks post and read how to plan out your goals so that you are able to best choose the goals that you want to accomplish. Now you have your goals and that is only the start of the big challenge you have set for yourself. Yours isn’t just losing that 25 pounds of fat by July 4th. The goal is to remember and keep that goal present in your mind till July 4th. Forgetting about your goal is the number one reason goals fail. Well they …

Reach for your goals but first start with the basic goal guide

Your Goal Guide

Reading Time: < 1 minute Goals Yep we are still talking about goals. Now Last week we talked about how we can plan what goals we are goign to pursue. This week we are goign to talk about how we can keep our goals in mind. Yet in between there and the next post I wanted to go over the basics of goal setting. What goals are and what a SMART goal is. So that is where this video comes into play. It covers all the basics of Goal setting  and adds a couple of new steps I had never thought of but are very …