You can use multiple systems to remember your goals. That way you are able to accomplish your goals and find more success.

The 5 Ways I am Going to Remember My Goals Next Year

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Ok, Now we have our goals planned. If not you might go to last weeks post and read how to plan out your goals so that you are able to best choose the goals that you want to accomplish.

Now you have your goals and that is only the start of the big challenge you have set for yourself. Yours isn’t just losing that 25 pounds of fat by July 4th. The goal is to remember and keep that goal present in your mind till July 4th.

Forgetting about your goal is the number one reason goals fail. Well they are for me at least and I see myself as the most average person around but I am starting down the path of breaking that mold this coming year. You are invited to go with me.

To do so we have to get rid of the oops I forgot barrier. I know its there it has vexed me several times through my life. I make out my goals and Start down the road and then around March or April they slide to the back of my mind. Only to show up around November and ask, “So, did you get your goal accomplished?” In defeat, I reply no I didn’t yet again.

So this year I decided I will not be insane and do the same thing as I have all the other times. I am going to set myself up for accomplishing a goal or several goals. As I said I want you to join me on this journey.

How are we going to accomplish these goals? That is what I want to suggest to you this week. How can we set our goals, so that we can beat them without forgetting about them? Well, I am going to try several layers and you can try as many as you like too. At the moment I have come up with 5 different ways to keep your goals in mind so that you and me both keep our goals.

Write your Goals Down

Use physical Pen and paper to write your goals down. You have a better chance of remembering and accomplishing your goals
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The biggest help is to write your goals down. As in physically with a pen and paper. The interaction your brain has with the act of physically writing your goals down makes the goals more real and concrete in your subconscious.

There was s study done by Harvard MBA program that talks about the power of writing your goals down. This study shows just how much writing your goals down helps you to achieve them.

The way the study was set up, they interviewed a set of students on goals. They found out that 84% of the students interviewed didn’t make goals at all. There were 13% of the students had goals and there were only a tiny 3% of the students who actually wrote down their goals and how they plan on accomplishing them.

Then 10 years later they reinterviewed these same students to see how well they were doing. The results are astounding, to say the least.

The 13% that wrote down the goals made twice as much money as opposed to the 84% that didn’t make any goals. So with just that we see that making goals improves your chances of making more money. You have more success at anything you do as long as you make plans.

Now if you look at the tiny 3% who actually set goals. They are the ones who wrote down their goals. They also wrote out the plans on how to achieve those goals on a piece of paper. This group made, on the average, 10 times more in income than the rest of the study group. So If that isn’t proof enough that you need to write your goals down. I sorry but I have nothing else that will help you. So decide your goals and them grab a pen and paper and write them down.

Insert your goals into your affirmational readings

Use affirmations like Stuart Smalley would use.Ok, I have just gotten into affirmation reading this year. I have come across different pieces of truths from time to time and think yeah I like that. Yet I never really took that truth to heart. If I remembered it great if I forgot it no loss. Well, I listened to Cliff Ravenscraft for this year and he is just making some incredible changes in his life and is truly an inspiration. I hear the fire in his belly that allows him to speak with such conviction that I can’t ignore him.

One thing Cliff does is each day he has a list of affirmations that he reads from. Back in March he actually shared his list of affirmations. Needing a place to start I rand off with his and used many of them for my own affirmation list.

I used that lists from time to time but not as Cliff recommended. Where you make a Slideshow with your affirmations. So about a month ago I sat down and made My Affirmations slideshow using Google Slides.

I also came across another of cliff’s podcast episodes with I believe it was Casy Price and in this episode, he mentioned that he puts his goals in his affirmations. Boom! Big ole light of possibilities cam on. That makes so much sense! You are reading your goals every day. you are in a frame of mind that allows for you to be receptive to all that you are telling yourself.

Man Cliff is one smart dude. Glad I listen to him.

Thank Cliff Ravenscraft for the great idea.Click To Tweet

Use Sticky Notes

This is another classic way of keeping your goals in mind. Use sticky notes. Yet don’t just place them on your monitor have a copy for the car and for the bathroom mirror. Place them everywhere. Also, each morning writes out the steps you want to accomplish and apply that note next to your other notes.

This way you keep your thoughts together and you stay focused on your goals. You want to be able to accomplish each goal you have set so keep your goal in front of you.

Use sticky notes to help remember your goals


This tip is more for the financial goals you may have. Say you want to save up enough for a conference or something to that point. Get an envelope right the goal and the amount needed on that envelope.

Use envelopes to save money for different tasks like fixing a fence.
Yep it is falling apart

Then every time you have money make it a point to add it to that envelope and change the amount needed to how much is left. So, For example, you may have COncert tickets and the amount is $100. After you add a twenty you would change the amount to $80. Keep going till you have all that you are needing.

I actually modified Dave Ramseys Envelope system for this means of saving for your different goals. I am going to be doing something like this for my fence. It is worn out and needs to be fixed big time.

Lay out one step for each goal for each day.

The final idea on keeping your goals at top of mind is to mindfully make it a point to work towards your goal each day. Make it a point to do one thing to get you closer to your goals completion.

This is actually harder than you would think because there are often times that I sit and wonder what I need to do for my next step. I then draw a blank. That is where making a plan from last week comes into play. If you have a plan lined out you know what points of your plan you need to work on.  That way you can always easily jump to what action needs to be completed

The problem is sometimes there is a mental shift I feel needs to be had for me to be able to get over the next hurdle but that is also a good thing

There you go 5 ways you can keep your goals in your forethoughts and make it easier to achieve. Do you have any special ways of keeping your goals present in your mind? Share with the group so that we are able to all meet and exceed our goals. So until next week Stay happy!

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