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My Goals and How We Help Each Other

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Alright by now you probably have your goals and aspirations set for the next year. So let’s get this show on the road. First off I am a lot more revved up about this coming goal season than I have been in a long time. This is because I have a better plan than just saying I am going to do something.

Where I have Failed Before

All the other years I have tried to do goals and each year I didn’t really get any of them finished. It is not because of what I did that made me fail but what I didn’t do. I didn’t plan. I would let inspiration be the guide for what I needed to do. Guess what, Inspiration would often show up only when it wanted to and always way too late.

I did that for the 2018 year too. Made goals and didn’t make a plan. I am the living example of Failing to plan is planning to fail. I couldn’t tell you what my goals were nor what my 3 words are.

That is because I really didn’t have a purpose. I knew I wanted to accomplish something but what and how? Those thoughts didn’t really enter my mind. Then as I mentioned in The 5 Ways I am Going to Remember My Goals Next Year. It hit me that I wasn’t even trying to complete my goals. That could very well be the reason why I kept failing. I didn’t have a plan nor really any real push to want to complete those plans.

That is when something clicked. If I want to have the freedom I am yearning so that I can go walk the Camino De Santiago in 5 years I have a lot of work to do ahead of me. I have to get 6 weeks of expenses saved up so that I don’t lose my house in that time I have to make sure my animals are taken care of.

Then there is the need for my food and expenses while I am trodding across Spain. I will have to eat and drink and then get quality hiking equipment. So if I want that I will have to get my butt in gear. To do that I have to get my dreams moving. To get my dreams moving I have to get my goals completed and make sure that the family knows that this wacky idea is very important to me.

So What goals am I going aim for? Well, I have taken my large goal list and worked it down a bit. I have about 10 goals that I am shooting for, and some of them are actually steps of an overarching goal. So let’s start with that Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I want to make $50,000 from this site. There are several different avenues of revenue I can take to head towards that big goal. So here are my BHAG goals in the order I need to accomplish them

BHAG Goal: Make $50,000 from Relaxed Male

So how am I going to do this? Well truthfully I am not completely sure but I am starting with what I know I need more visitors to the site. Right now I get about 25 readers on publish days. That drops if I miss a week of posts. Like my example. you can tell when I post and when I don’t. As that bottom out shows that I wasn’t able to post any that week.

So if I want $50,000 by the end of this coming year what do I need to do?

Goal 1: Have 100 Visitors a Day


First thing I need to get is an increase in my number of visitors. This is a low ball I know but I know if I can reach this goal and get 100 real visitors a day then 1000 is just the next logical step.

So what do I need to do to get 100 visitors? Well, I am not 100% sure but from what I am thinking is first I need to work on SEO find out how to get more people to my site.

Increase what I know is working. I use Triberr and get pretty good results I am finding that there needs to be some way of getting the deserted tribes out of the way because they are not helping. Yet the tribes that work are very good.

I also post to some facebook groups. These give me quite a few visitors.

The problem is my organic reach from Google is nonexistent. I am showing up in some searches but I am so far down the line that I am not really existent. So, I am going to focus on SEO. I also need to focus on how to get more blog visitors. So I am watching a lot of Neal Patel videos and I will apply some of his internet marketing advice while some of his tactics seem just a little bit on the smarmy side. Now that is only what I think and I am actually sure that it is a mindset barrier that I am coming across. There is a good chance that once I see what the hang up is and get past it I am sure that my thoughts on Neils suggestions will disappear with that mindset hang up.

What else am I going to do to ensure that I get my 100 visitors a day? I will have to start coming out of my shell. I use to be huge into forums and as social media platforms became popular I fell out of using forums and Bulletin boards. So I need to get back into them.

I also need to try Reddit again. but not be so spammy about it this time my old profile has a negative 26 karma which is horrible. I can only comment on stuff once every 10 minutes. So I will have to hide my polarizing thoughts a bit more and only focus on the sub-reddits that will help me.

I am sure there are some other avenues I can explore that will help me. The key is incorporating Zig Ziggler’s philosophy of

You can get everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want.

Goal 2: Attend 2 Camping Expos

I am finding out that Camping expos are held in the winter which actually makes sense because the most people buy their camping equipment in late spring so you have to get the buzz about different products going early in the year. So, there are a couple of expos close to me that are going to be happening in Feb so I believe I will be heading to those when they come available.

Getting to an Expo so that I will be able to find other sponsors and see what new products are on their way
Expos are a great place to meet potential sponsors

Why expos? Two reasons. The first is networking. I want to get to know who the sales team members are for the different camping equipment manufactures. Doing this should then lead to my second reason for going to an expo and that it may help me to get sponsors and review equipment. If I can get review equipment then I can achieve My next goal.

Goal 3: Have 12 Camping Product Reviews

My most popular posts are my review posts. Especially my tent review and video. I also am really liking reviewing tents I will probably for the 2020 goal be I get to review a Cabela’s Ultimat Alaknak tent. Then I will have 2 of those tents for another section of the Relaxed Male adventure series.

Best tent for a medium sized family

So why only 12 reviews Why not a weekly review? Well, That is because the reviews are time-consuming. I have been testing my new Cast Iron set and finding out the pros and cons of that equipment. It isn’t something that I can just plunk down well it looks cool and you should buy one now. So Once a month is a good amount but If the expo goes better than what I thought them I would love to do more reviews and have live demos of the equipment. At the moment I know I can get 12 in a year, even if I have to buy the equipment.

The better the reviews the more visitors I have to my youtube channel and the more of them will come to my website. I can also use these reviews for affiliate sales and start bringing in money through that.

Goal 4: Walk and Review 4 Hiking Trails In My Area

Hiking a trial is going to become more regular event in the new year.
Photo from NPS.gov

This is another way to get people who are in my niche to visit my site. If I post reviews of hiking trails in my area I can then get the attention of people who are interested in Hiking. The men who are then part of my demographics may become readers of my other material.

Then there is the hiking equipment I can talk about and get affiliate sales from here too.

Goal 5: Camp Outside 6 Times

This is supposed to be a blog about getting men outdoors and I didn’t get to go camping at all last summer. So I am going to fix that for sure. This helps me out in getting more visitors because I will be able to create more content for my Youtube Channel and blog. So double win and I will also start building a bit of credibility on knowing what I talk about. Which is also good.

Goal 6: Attend 1 conference this year

Wiki4des at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)]

This is one thing that will cost me some cash and that is ok because I will view it as an investment in myself. That investment is attending a conference. I know just enough to know that I am clueless in starting my own business. I have tried and failed several times. So as I have mentioned I am serious about getting this puppy off the ground. The topics I discuss on the blog are important to me and I feel help man men who face the winds of life and not sure how to progress.

So how do I fully turn that into other channels of income? That is what I really need to learn how to do. So I need to attend a conference and learn. What conference? well At the moment I will need to attend one that I can afford and have the biggest bang for the buck. and everything I have heard and listen to is I like Cliff Ravenscraft “Free the Dream” Conference.

I believe it will provide the needed kick and inspiration a person like me can use to become the entrepreneur I want. That way I can have the desired freedom to travel and be with my family I desire the most. I want to live my life with my family and make lots of new friends.

Goal 7: Make $50 – $50,000 from Relaxed male

If I do all that I talked about above I should be able to make $50 from Relaxed Male. Once I find out how to make $50 from that I can take what I have learned and ramp up to $500 then $5000 If I can real the $5000 mark $50000 is just another shift.


This I am sure will not be solely from affiliate sales. I’m sure I will have to tap into other income channels like coaching. Those are channels that I am fully exploring. In fact, there are some coaching conferences that I am interested in attending. So who know what avenue I will be taking there are several that I know.

So once I can start making money I can start scaling it too where I make my BHAG.

Goal 8: Save 10% of my income

Some other goals I have been saving 10% of my income. The key is that it is going to be taken off the to before bills are even figured. It will be a challenge because my wife and I don’t have this habit in place we will save only to turn around and not. So mindsets are going to be changing though this year

Goal 9: Replace my fence by

My fence is falling down I use inexpensive materials and it only lasted about 10 years so it is time to replace with better quality and see if we can get this to stretch out to a longer time than just 10 years.

My 3 words: 

Optimize Help Mindset

Finally, I also use Chris Brogans 3 words system and I ran into the same problem as my goals eventually I would forget them. So I have added them to my daily affirmations and they will be found on sticky notes around the house. I will find a way to apply these three powerful words in my life.

So why these words? Each word has a meaning and I will go ahead and share them with your so that you know how These words are supposed to affect me.

Optimize – I have to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. I want to optimize my sites for visitors and my life for the experience I am expecting to have as I complete my different goals.

Help – I need to help more people. I think my site has more suggestions that solutions. It would seem to me that I am talking more at people than providing actionable help. So I need to provide a better means of helping people. So I will become more helpful. Also, I have to learn to ask for help. There are times that I need to turn to my friends and ask them for assistance. That is going to be tough but I know I can do it.

Mindset – This has to change on so many levels. Yes, I want to help guys change their mindset so that they become a successful and energetic family member but I need to change my mindset on what is happening in my world. If I want to reach the level of success I am dreaming of then I need to change how I think and That will be hard but I have had it happen before and the rush of that shift is exhilarating.

So How Can You Help Me?

Now as the title suggested I am looking for your help. I want to get a group of people together that can meet through skype each Thursday for the next year. We are going to be Goal setters we will hold each other accountable for reaching our goals. If you are interested please let me know by filling out this form. Now I am not going to add your email to any list. I will use it as only a means of communicating with yours. I am thinking of having a private Facebook group as another community channel.

The questions for the group will be a little personal and that is because I want to make sure I have people who are really wanting to succeed. I want to associate myself with folks who are as committed to succeeding as me. As Jim Rhon says you are the average of the 5 closest people you spend intentional time with. So I want to make sure I have a team of the highest quality people I can find.

So if you want your new year to be special then please help me make my year special. Thank you in advance and have a happy new year.

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