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The A’s of Gratitude

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are 4 important A’s related to gratitude. These A’s are important to spreading gratitude to other people. The A’s are Appreciation Approval Admiration Attention So catch the wisdom of Brian Tracy and expand your area of gratitude and influence. Share3TweetPin1ShareShare4 Shares

Power is Confidence

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week Adam Galinsky is talking to the Ted Folks and this fellow has some interesting things to say but at first, I thought oh boy his mindset is off. Yet after listening to him, I see that he is right the power which comes from confidence is where people run into issues. The range of acceptable behavior This is where people have a feeling that they have a say. They have enough power but are don’t think they have any power and so they don’t say anything. Then there are the people who think they have enough power but …

Beware of Blocking Statements

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever found yourself in a mental place that really isn’t helping you? You are stuck in a rut, you have a moral conundrum or your creative spring has suddenly plugged up and you can’t seem to get past this particular hurdle. You have already gotten out and taken a walk. You have hit that wall and it will not budge. What do you do? Well, you have to find why you are facing the problem you are being presented with. You can start by asking questions and note the different answers you get. Many questions will produce results …

What Children Learn When Outdoors

Reading Time: < 1 minute Children are amazing. If you have kids the opportunity for you to sit back and watch them as they learn about their environment is always on in wonder. To see kids explore and learn their own way a truly fascinating experience This week we have another Ted talk about what nature teaches kids. The answer is a lot, Nilda Cosco. Talks about the different aspects of the world and how kids see it. Share5TweetPin1ShareShare6 Shares

Fear Is Holding You Back

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fear is one of those emotions that can sneak up on you and out of “Safety” keep you from reaching your goals. Fear is the basis of many other negative emotions. Like anger anxiety procrastination. Call of form out of a fear of a task or job at hand. The fear you hear in your head, might be trying to keep you safe and comfortable but if you step out of that comfort zone for a little bit you will grow. Share9TweetPin1ShareShare10 Shares

Two Goal Programs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now, these past several weeks I have been talking about goal settings and I am sure you are saying enough! I cant with your goals! And you are right it is a lot about goals, but that is because I want to accomplish my goals this year. I have such a strong taste for accomplishing what I have my eyes set on that I can see me accomplishing my goal and the benefits I will have, meeting and exceeding my goal sets. Now There are several different ways you can set your goals. But I wanted to talk about two styles …

Build an attitude of gratitude

The Key to Happiness is Gratitude

Reading Time: 5 minutes You ever walk down a street and see someone who just beams happiness? They are always just chipper upbeat and flat-out happy? How about a person who appears to have everything yet they are always in a foul mood. You ever wonder how they could appear so miserable? Now there could be lots of different reason for one or the other. you could have the happy person just quit his job and has started out on his own. The two people in this example more than likely have one thing that is different. and that is the happy person has …