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The People You Hang With

There are influencers. These are people who you look to then there are the INFLUENCERS these are the people who help direct your life. So many times we wonder why our life’s don’t go the direction we wanted them to go. I often ask the question of who are your influencers? They may say some well know name like Tony Robbins, or Wayne Dyer. Then I see their friends. These folks are often pessimistic or complaining about how someone is doing them wrong. So many times we don’t see that …

6 Ways to Make Friends.

Ok time to end an excuse that gets tossed around all the time. That excuse is how do I make new friends? Wait, that’s just a question. Yeah, it is but it is also used by people to avoid having to go find friends.  You may hear people say I don’t know where to go find new friends or I don’t know how to make new friends. You will be surprised how many people use the excuse of fear to keep from finding friends. They may be afraid that conversations are …

Talking about suicide and how to keep out loved ones alive

Lets Talk Suicide

This week was supposed to be about smiling and how it brings positive attitudes. But, that’s not going to happen this week. Instead, we are going down a sadder road. My personal world was recently rocked by a friend of mine who killed himself. I have had people who I know who have committed suicides before, but this is the first person who was a close friend. I had a coworker who suddenly was never going to clap me on the shoulder and say its good to see you. That was …

this is the relaxed male

Becoming a Relaxed Male

Who am I? man if there was ever an existential question that little Three-word sentence is it. How does someone answer that question? I remember from my childhood the best way to start a story is… Once upon a time… Yeah, that is a good start. Let’s roll with that. Once upon a time, there was a child. Who was told that he was good at listening? People would start talking and they would air out some of the more interesting things that would go one in their world. Sometimes …

have gratitude in your heart when giving thanks

And Happy Thanksgiving to You

With all that is happening this year, it is important for us to stop, at least for a short while, and look around and be grateful for all the good that has happened in your life. Gratitude is important for the all-around health of a man. Ways to find gratitude Finding gratitude is often like working a muscle. It takes time patients practice and persistence. So If you start trying to find topics to be grateful about don’t worry if you have a hard time coming up with a lot. …

Join usGet outdoors with Relaxed Male and go home with an Action Plan

Join Bryan and a small group of other men on a camping trip in Oklahoma. Get the full experience of the "3-day effect" by spending 4 days and 3 nights enjoying the outdoors and developing a plan that you can use to take massive action to change your life.