The Need for A Band Of Brothers – EP 68

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Question of The Week by The Brotherhood Of Men

What is the best way to become a good father to a teenager you just met?

Now I don’t know all the details so let’s do this in two parts. Those parts will be the most likely scenarios, This is your stepson and a boy in your neighborhood.


If the boy is your stepson then your role isn’t the disciplinarian. This isn’t really gonna work for two reasons the teenager doesn’t have that type of bond with you. The other reason is that the biological parent will eventually take offense to you disciplining their child. They may be ok with it at first but they will eventually take the child’s side. So thinking you are going to be the lord of your manor is out the window.

Your role is to be a mentor. In fact, this role really needs to be what all parents are for their teenagers. They’re at the point now that have a mind and they have free will and trying to herd them like they are 8 simply makes the rebellion in then go harder the other way.

To mentor the teen, include them in your life. Talk to them but don’t lecture. Seek first to understand what they are saying before you ever try to be understood. The understood part will come but if you just do the hardest thing possible and just listen they will actually turn to your for advice before they turn to the moron friends.

The kid in the Neighborhood

For the kid in the neighborhood if you are wanting to help a young adult out you may want to involve their mother in the discussion because if you don’t have her on board you will be fighting an uphill battle because the mom may feel that you are trying to take her child away. When in all reality you are just trying to inject some strong masculine influence into his life.

When she is on board then you again include the kid in your life. invite them to go camping. If you are going on a hike then share your time as freely as you can. Again like the stepchild you are a mentor. You don’t have the power to discipline. So you have to talk to them and listen to what they are saying. Understand what is coming out of their mouth and let them ask for advice.

Answer requested by James F Evans

Main Topic

Men and their Band of Brothers

On average I have heard that the average man has only 1 or maybe 3 good friends he can turn to. This is a truly sad state for men. We don’t surround ourselves with those who can push us and encourage us to do the hard things that make us great. Instead, w sit behind a computer screen and have sort of friends. Yeah, you may have some people you play games with, but how much do you know about those people? Yes, there are those people who have very close relationships with others who they have never seen personally.

How many people can you talk to about a deep fear you have in your mind? Do you have someone with you who can share the intimate details of a dream you have? Who many people can you call at 3 in the morning and know they would be there to help? That number is sadly pretty small. Then tag on the Men Going Their Own Way movement and you start having a lot of lonely people who have no one to turn to when they are struggling.

So you have a Band of Brothers?

Why do men need friends?

I look at my son Jayden, and he is actually got a small band of brothers. They actually choose to meet every weekend and just talk. They share what they are doing in their lives. There are talks of what they are pursuing in their dreams and they challenge each other. More men need this very type of interaction.

Men need friends because we are not solitary creatures. Yeah some of us may be introverts yet from mental health to achieving their dreams you need the power of your band of brothers to help you along the way. There is strength in

Odd question right to ask but it has been asked a few times on quora and in other places. Why do men need

This is the problem of the whole MGTOW Movement

No man is an island

There are things men can do that women cant

Men need the support of other strong men

Men need other men to push them

real friends

Your 3 o’clock list

Why is it important?

There is a special level of trust

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