Different Types of Men Who Inspire Others

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There are many different types of men out in the world. You may have found this site because of the 24 types of men video I found on Youtube a few years back. Yeah, it was funny and all that but I never really gave my view as to the types of men that are out there in the world. Now I am not about to go to the absurd lengths of listing out 24 different types of men. I know that you have other things to do in your day. 

There are different types of men. There are those that inspire others around them to be better. While there are also men who inspire others in a negative fashion or sadly uninspire people to reach for their best, and I wanted to point these guys out too. Not to give them a spotlight but to give you an idea of what to look out for. 

The Manly Man

This is the man that commands authority when he walks into a room. He is a rugged individualist. He looks out for other men who are on their own quests and inspires these men to do it greatly. He is quick with a joke at the needed time, and when it’s time to rally his band of brothers together The Manly Man knows who he can count on. 

The Manly Man doesn’t tolerate Whiners, Self Imposed VIctims, or those who are lazy. He see’s excuses as being like assholes, everybody has one. He has had many friends who enter his life but lost many too because they simply fall behind because they can’t or won’t keep up. Manly Men are committed to their goals and aspirations. They take care of their 4 pillars. These men not only look out for their mind body and soul, but they also lift up their community.

The Go-Getter Man

Sometimes these men are called hyperactive. They see something that needs to be done and BOOM! They are on it. They don’t do anything halfway. They take to a task and apply all their skills to it. They don’t just gloss over what needs to be done they will work at it till it is right.

You are liable to be run over if you get in the Go-Getter’s way. Don’t take it personally. He knows where he needs to be and often has tunnel vision for his objective. He is likely to get frustrated if he is being held back by somebody. He is the embodiment of where there is a will there is a way.

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The Independent Man

Think of Howard Roark from The Fountainhead. He knows his calling and will not bend. He will use his strengths and doesn’t care about the opinions of others. You can’t keep a good man down and the Independent Man is proof of that. He takes failure and accepts it as part of learning. 

If you try to discourage the Independent Man, he will just act like you are not there. If you have a skill that he needs then he will apply the same standards to you as he does to himself. That could be to your benefit if you share the same standards and in doing so you will become good friends. If those standards don’t match up then you will quickly be shifted out of the way and the Independent Man will find another solution.

The Warrior

Here is the most common virtuous and inspiring man you will see out in the wild. The Warrior will eventually find himself in some branch of service. He may not stay but he will serve with honor.  He applies the same dedication to his life as was expected of him when he served. 

The Warrior is the protector, a watchdog if you will. He knows that training is important he understands

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training

If you are disrespectful The Warrior will call you out and have no qualms about hurting your feelings. He is extremely loyal when it comes to friendship but knows that sometimes men have to be cast aside. He will fight with passion and determination. You can often find these men in the police or fire dept, but they are always in a position of leadership.

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The Free-Spirited Man

There are those who appear to be aimless. Yet they are always working on something. They look at the world from a slightly different angle. They often incorporate aspects of the other inspiring men and understand their strengths and weaknesses. They are not married to just one idea. The Free-Spirit will try something and if doesn’t match up to what he is wanting that is fine. He learned something and will apply it to the next endeavor.

These men embody the growth mindset. They do not rely on the knowledge but instead take life on as an adventure. Learning what they need as they go along. If they fail that is OK they learn what not to do and try try again.

Types of Men that don’t inspire

Now there are men who don’t inspire others to greatness, or they do inspire but it is to not be great. Their mindset is often that of scarcity, victimhood, or fixed mindset. What men don’t inspire? Let’s look.

The Whiner

This is the guy who has grand dreams but no results. Sometimes said to have all talk and no hat. This guy will have grand ideas but they won’t apply all that is needed to succeed. They avoid the discomfort needed to get to the next level. Then they sit on the couch and complain about their theories as to who got in their way.

They fail and blame other people for their failures. They are often can be easily confused with a victim because they whine about nobody giving them a chance.

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The Victim

This person gets himself into problems and then blames other people. He refuses to take the responsibility for any of his actions and then wonders why nobody feels sorry for his lack of success. He is often angry bitter or jealous of other people’s success thinking that he isn’t able to find his success. 

The victim feels as if he doesn’t get any respect from his peers and that is because he doesn’t realize that to get any respect, you have to first respect yourself by taking responsibility for your actions

The Lackadaisical 

A lackadaisical man is also known as the lazy man. He would rather stay nice and comfortable than try to grow. This man will go through life with no aim or direction and then wonder where his opportunities went at the end of his life. 

This man is the saddest of all the men because he refuses to get uncomfortable. Because he won’t get comfortable he won’t grow. SO this is the guy who doesn’t care about anybody or himself. If you don’t improve you cant help others. This is truly sad.

if you are wanting to improve your ability to inspire others. There is help, there is a group of men who ensure we become the best we can be. If you are interested check out The Brotherhood of Men

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