EP 16 – The Growth Mindset

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The concept of Growth mindset and it’s counterpart Fixed mindset comes from Stanford Professor Carol Dweck Ph.D. in her book Mindset. In this book, she talks in detail what each mindset is and give an example after examples of people who display both sides. From Dorothy Delay the violin teacher from The Juilliard School of Music to Jack Welch, the man who saved General Electric.

Carol talks about key points that exemplifies why growth mindset is needed if you want to succeed and why the fixed mindset often causes you to have a melt down like Bobby Night on losing streak.

What is a growth mindset

A growth mindset is a mindset that you are more about the ability to get better than having something of natural talent.

It is interesting to think we are born with a growth mindset and then we slowly settle into a Fixed mindset. You see babies who keep trying to learn how to walk and we celebrate when they are able to start wobbling around. You even see a child who finally figures out that only one type of shape can fit into a certain slot. How many times have you heard kids talk about their love a challenge? The older they get the growth mindset often seems to wain and shrink.

Key points of a Growth Mindset

We accept that we are able to learn

Work and effort is better than being smart.

People who play video games can have

We can have and often do have a mixture of growth mindset and Fixed Mindset

Mia Ham used to be the only girl in the boy’s soccer teams because she wanted the challenge. Not only boys but boys at the level above her.

If you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

How to develop a growth mindset

Accept that you are a work in progress.

Failure is only a indicator of where you need to work.

Change the words you use. If only I was smart enough to I can figure this out.

What does this make possible?

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