Scarcity Mindset and Money

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If you know anything about Marie Forleo you know that when it comes to money this lady knows a thing or two about the power of mindset and how if you have the wrong mindset you will self sabotage your work. That sabotage will work against all your efforts and keep you broke. So what is a scarcity mindset? Why will it keep you broke? If you want to change your mindset follow these 6 tips to invoke the laws of attraction.

Face the Facts

Understand that in reality, you are already wealthy. Yes, you are! Compared to the rest of the world you have clean water to drink. You have electricity, a large screen television and most of you have a vehicle. An abundant mentality starts with you. Don’t worry about what others think. Yes, you need to have a group of people you intentionally spend time with. Yet with you knowing where you stand in the grand scheme of things you are a lot better off than you want to believe. So you are already rich. Big thumbs up there.

 Have an Affirmation

Marie gives the example of “there is always more where that come from”. I like to use the affirmation of, “I have plenty of money for everything you truly want” Find a phrase that you agree with and say it every time you spend some money. It will change your mindset slowly but surely.

Bring your Own Luxury

You don’t have to spend a fortune to be luxurious. You have to have the mindset that it is luxury. So make a nice meal. Have a pampered day with you and your spouse that can do a lot to make you feel a million bucks 

Fun fund

Marie calls it a fun fund while I called it Mad Money. This is money set aside so that you can go do fun stuff. Or money you spend to keep you from going mad while saving money. This helps out tremendously

Build your knowledge bank

Learn, never stop learning. You will find that if you keep investing in your knowledge bank your confidence and mindset will change and grow in ways you never thought of before.

Spread the Wealth

Always share. A scarcity mindset keeps you from giving. While if you give to a charity you will be surprised at how much better you feel and your mindset on the restrictions of funds slowly disappears.

So start shifting that scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

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