What are the Laws Of Attraction?

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Look around you. Do you have what you want? Do have half of what you want or are you just, meh it’s good enough? 

Why is it that when you have an important meeting first thing in the morning you can’t be late for, You stub your toe getting ready. Then you head outside only to see you have a flat tire. Then once that’s fixed, you find out that you left your headlights on all night. Then finally getting the car running you pull out and shortly after getting on the road you find out the highway is shut down because of a major accident. Only to show up for the meeting 20 minutes late. A bunch of random events happening all at once or were they there because you wanted them to be there?

Maybe you are having a day that can’t go wrong. You show up at work to find that you made all three of your huge sales calls yesterday. You are being considered for a promotion. You get home with a spring in your step as you reach for the door. Your wife opens the door, wrapped in nothing but cellophane and a big bow. 

Both of those options are available to us. Each day every day. Why do some people seem to win at everything while knowing your luck you are doing good to make it across the street without getting mugged. This is all attributed to what is called the Laws of Attraction.

The Laws of Attraction.

Now, this premise was, “given” to the world by Abraham and I have to warn you right now Abraham sounds really fake. That is because Abraham is supposed to be a group of otherworldly beings who are being channeled through a woman named Ester Hicks. Yeah, I listened to their tapes and her channeling transformation in my mind sounds very fake. Because Ester has the nice southern tone in her voice and then Abraham sounds like the easter European. So as the beings are talking through her it really pulled me out of what was being said. 

So why did I keep listening? Because the Laws of attraction are mentioned by other people at other times. Just not laid out like Jerry and Ester Hick lay it out. An example is in the book How to Own Your Own Mind by Napoleon Hill he is talking to Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie says that to achieve what you are wanting, you need to think of your desire until you generate an emotion so strong it becomes an obsession. Ester talks about the same thing in one of the laws of attraction. 

The 3 Laws of Attraction

The Laws of Attraction is actually a set of three laws that work off each other. The three laws are The Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Thinking, and the Law of Allowing.

The Law of Attraction

This is the one that everyone hears about but what is the law of attraction? This is the system of the universe that essentially draws to you that which you are wanting. Basically, if you are emotionally tied to making $10,000 a month. You will start looking for ways to make that $10,000. If you want a blue Buick Enclave and you can see it in your mind, but not just picture it in your mind but also smell it, feel it, know every detail of it you will get that blue Buick enclave.

Now, many people make the argument about then why is there so much poverty in the world if this law actually existed? Am I saying that those who can’t pay their rent actually want that? I am saying that very fact. The poor want to be poor. Those who are down on their luck want to be down on their luck. Now can you change a person’s mind and outlook? Yes.

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That sounds cold but there are examples of this all over. That thought is called a limiting belief or Upper limit challenge. This is how your mindset keeps you in the environment you are in. If you believe you are only worth $50,000 a year, you will only make that amount each year. If you make more than you are comfortable with you will self-sabotage and bring yourself down to the level you are comfortable with. 

That is actually what coaching does. We change the mindset from one of wanting the laws of attraction to sabotage our desires to that of building success.

The Law of Attraction plays an effect on those who are having a bad day and those who are having a good day. It all centers around your thoughts. We have on average 60,000 different thoughts a day. Many of those thoughts are mundane thoughts. Then again there are thoughts that affect us. 

I have talked many times about how my limiting belief that I was going to screw up a job promotion I had came to be. That was an uncontrolled thought that kept me in my comfort zone. I was playing small and that act forced the law of attraction to put me back in a truck.

The Law of Deliberate Thinking

This law works in conjunction with the law of attraction. If you deliberately think of something you want and apply a positive emotion to that thought you will start the process of attracting that desire. This is shown when you have a thought and that thought brings on the emotion of dread. That event is more likely to happen.

The same goes for when you have a thought that you are going to have a great day. With that thought you have a positive emotion you will more likely have that better day. 

Now, why does it often not work? This is also applied to the Deliberate thinking Law. If you are saying you are going to have a great day and you have a sense of dread. Then you are actually canceling that thought out.

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So why do the poor stay poor? Because they have a negative thought with negative emotion so The universe is providing what they really want. This is also why you want to be deliberate in your thinking. You want to pay attention to what you are thinking. Yeah, it is impossible to pay attention to all 60,000 thoughts but if you are deliberate in keeping your joy about a particular thought you will be further ahead than other people.

There is also the point to differentiate the difference between need and want. According to Abraham-Hicks if you are needing something you are actually coming from a place of scarcity and so you are actually coming from a negative place. While if you want to get all your bills paid that is coming from a more abundant mindset and so you will have a more positive thought and emotion combination.

The Law of Allowing

This one is tough. The law of allowing is allowing people to be where they are. That doesn’t mean you can’t help someone but if you are seeing them as lacking something then in effect you will not be able to help them because your thoughts are drawn to a negative place. That scarcity mindset will actually bring you away from what you are wanting. 

You have to allow them to stay in their cave, You have to be ok with them complaining because if you let their negative thoughts affect you then you lose the connection with the universe you have and your effectiveness of drawing your wants to reality are not as strong. To try to help them because you see their shortcomings is the negative thought at hand here. While helping them because they want the change is the positive side of that very same coin.

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I will have to do more looking into the law of allowing because as I write this I am seeing that I don’t have a full thought on it. So I didn’t write it very clearly, that is because I didn’t see it as clearly as I thought I did.

Exercise time

Here is an exercise that will help you get your mindset on attaining something you are wanting.

First, relax your mind

Grab a piece of paper and at the top write what you want.

Then under that write, “These are the reasons why I want this”

Then on the back of the piece of paper write, “These are the reasons why I believe I will have what I want” 

Now Get your mind in a happy place. Maybe see yourself in that goal. How excited and happy you see yourself. Once you are in a place that you are joyous you can start.

Now flip back over to the front side of the paper and start writing all the reasons why you want your particular want. When you have exhausted your whys flip the paper over and write down all the reasons why you believe you will get this want. 

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Once you have that finished review it often and keep that emotion of determination and excitement. Get that want to the level of an obsession and you will find that your goal arrives sooner than you commonly will believe. 

The laws of attraction as a whole are fairly simple. Know what you want and request it from a place of positive emotions. Then keep thinking that thought till you find yourself with what you are wanting.

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