Why Affirmations work

This week we are talking about affirmations. How do affirmations help today’s leaders? To introduce this week I found this video by Ryan Cropper and he talks about how affirmations work.

Ryan states that Affirmations are times that you are reinforcing a particular belief. Often when you wake up you make negative affirmations to yourself without even thinking of it. You may ask yourself low-quality questions or make a statement along the lines of, “I didn’t get anything done.”

That line of thinking will cause your subconscious mind to build on that statement. Not knowing that it is a rhetorical question your mind works as if it is fact. So, If you say, it’s going to be a horrible day then you will have the Pygmalion effect and actually have a fairly crappy day.

Instead of first thing in the morning, if you start making positive affirmations, you will actually offset the negative statements you may make. So This weeks video is an actually nice short video. only about 5 minutes but it is packed with some good bits of information.

If you get a chance, swing by and see Ryan’s Youtube channel it is a bit different with all the third eyes floating around. That is because he’s is about spiritual healing and some far out Woowoo stuff but there some great points in many of his videos. So watch some and you may learn some more about yourself.

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  1. Nice post, Bryan!
    I have never tried daily positive affirmations, but I am partially aware of the negative attitudes I have when I first wake in the morning. It definitely seems that one has to be very mindful of their thoughts and replace them with positive ideas. Thanks for sharing. It had given me something to think about regarding my own habits.


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