You Don’t Really Have To Cuss

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***Warning – There will be adult language in this post.***

Let me start with I dont care about which political affiliation you are with. Both sides are just as bad about pointing the finger and playing the victim. That is one reason I left that field behind about 5 years ago.

In the past few years I have seen and heard somthing that bothers me. Maybe it is because I am getting older. The again I am pretty sure that I am starting to see things in a different light. It really came to light when the House of repsenative from Michigan bragged about calling the president a Motherfucker.

Though it has bothered me long before that. As my kids espcially my daughter. I had to instill a rule that you couldn’t play a song if it contained any dregitory word or Fuck in the lyrics. It basically knocked her over the radio playing down to about a coupe of Cold play songs

It is the language that people use today that is what I am wanting to focus on. I am hearing many of the 7 dirty words on television. I am also hearing some stiffer words that were reserved for after 9 television shows are now being said on political talk shows.

I have heard Damn and Ass on a couple of over the air news talk shows all through out the day. The language quality has dropped to the point to where using cusswords, blue words, curse words, rough language, or how ever you want call it is accepted by many of the younger generation.

Why does cussing bother me?

First, let me say I cuss too. I use hell damn shit fuck, I make up my own words like Fucktard and Twat Waffle. But the difference is I use these in my house or around friends. In public, I refrain from using that language at all. That is language that, you don’t need to use in public.

Behind closed doors? Yeah ask my kids when I am playing video games. My kids would joke that I had gamers tourrets. That is because somewhere while playing Call of Duty or some other game there will end up being a long line of expletives exploding out of my mouth.

But why does it bother me? The answer is that is appears to just be gratutius. It is just empty vulger language that really doesn’t supprt anythign that is said. People are just cussing because they can. They are using the F-bomb because everybody else is doing it. and that is not an answer that will hold any water.

Rarely out in public. I dont understand what the purpose of dropping this type of language accompoishes. I have heard that cussing helps mitigate pain. I dont believe that so many people are walking around in that type of pain. Yet I hear words that wouldn’t be uttered in public.

Of all things, it seems as if it is the younger girls have learned these words and are using them more and more. That type of language doesn’t make a person look anymore adult. As stated before it makes the person saying it look like an immature high schooler. WHo is trying to show off and sound tough in a locker room. When in reality it makes the speaker sound like a little kid.

A time and place for everything

As I said before I drop just as many blue words as anybody else. Yet I have learned a few key points about using these curse words. The biggest is that they work for effect. When you want someone to understand something very pressing. You may use a cuss word. Saying the word fuck for the sake of saying it causes that word to lose it’s potency.

It doesn’t have the same effect as before it causes the person to sound like gutter trash.

Use your words

People who use foul language more often use the words as a means to replace better words. I dont knwo if I will be able to find a better way to stress it but cussing doesn’t make you appear any more gorwn up. You dont have more credit you your character. You dont suddenly get more authority. The movies have that key point completly wrong.

Just becasue you get to be a grown up now doesn’t mean that cause you can say montherfucker and shit or even god dammit with out your mother coming aroudn the corner with a woodspoon in hand. Doesn’e mean it is a good idea.

Try using better descriptive words. Use the dictionary app on your phone. Come up with better use of words. If you try I know you can.

If you want to earn more respect and better quality friends change your words. You are what you say. If you sound like a ruffian and a miscreant that is how you will be viewed. Look at how people viewed what trump said in 2005. The media wanted to make sure people knew he talked like that over 10 years before he even tried to run for the higest office in the land.

Donald Trump isn’t the first president to use locker room talk. There have been many beloved presidents who have used some pretty salty language. So trying to voice an outcry about Trumps poor choice of words really doesn’t cut it.

I would like to challenge each person who reads this short rambling post to lets stop with the language. It really isn’t called for. You are not a kid learnign a new word from the class clown.

If you are like me, you are somebody who wants to be respected. A person who can be viewed as a leader. Yeah, Patton was famous for his profanity-laced tirade. You are not Patton you can catch more flies with honey than vineger. So abstain from dropping ant cuss word for a month. See how people react when instead of hearing the common stream of foul words coming from your mouth see how they start to treat you. Even if you are in the Navy or in the US house of Represenatives.

Where does the desire to cuss come from? Well I can fully point a finger it is partly Gen Xer’s fault I know may of use String together some very lewed words. It is also the entertainment industry.  Yeah I have Nine Inch Nails Closer whose Chorus was I want to fuck you like an anaimal. Yet you didn’t see that word any where in the title. While now there are several songs now that blantly put the F-bomb in the title. Of course my example just fell apart because I just rememberd the Violent Femes had Dance Mother Fucker DanceesugniebSo yeah it is Everybody’s fault that we have a generation that has a potty mouth. Yet I think this is something that if we just try a little bit you may find that we can have clearer conversations and discussions. The language being used instead of being a tool to shock someone. Try using it to convey your point.

So I want your thoughts am I on base or are my thoughts so far off that it isn’t even funny? Leave, your comment in the comment section below.

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