Where Did the Bad Words Come From?

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This week I am for some reason really noticed how put off I am with the language we seem to be using more and more. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I am starting to appreciate the power of words.

Either way, I was looking around and found this video by VSauce. (My son will be proud) The Video talks about how different words came from different class structures. Clean words were from Latin and dirty words came from the poor germanic spoken words. I know darn Germans.

He also talks about how words evolve to become bad. Words that were bad before are not kind of accepted. There are also different types of bad words according to the video A Badman is an effeminate man. Who Knew!

Types of swearing

Come to find out there are a few different types of swearing.

Abusive swearing – This is when you are cussing someone out. We use to say when I was a kid, calling them every name but a white kid.

Supernatural swearing – This is pretty much died out but in Elizabethan times they thought using Gods name in vain would actually hurt god. So they came up with words like gadzooks. Which were apparently is a morphing of the words Gods hooks or the nails that held Jesus to the cross?

Emphatic swearing – use them when you’re not supposed to, yet you say them to get your point across.

Idiomatic – Relaxed Cussing that is often found around friends

Dysphemism – another way to say crude. So saying the crazy farm for the term for an asylum

Cathartic – This is the cuss words you yell when you get hurt.

So we now know why we cuss hear the full story on Vsuace.

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