The Truth of The Different Types of Men

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I have a video on here called the 24 types of Males. It is done by College Humor and I found it funny. Yet here recently there are more and more men showing up to the site because of that video. I have wondered what it is about that video that is attracting people to the site? I wondered if it was for the video itself or if there were guys who were hearing all that greek alphabet, and wondering where they fit in.

The greek alphabet sounds cool and there were a lot of emphases put on the mythical alpha male. It is something men strive for; they see the alpha male as a level you can get for bragging rights. While others see what they get and just resign themselves to whatever level they believe they have.

The different types of greek letters are supposed to be a type of hierarchy. Yet, I will let you into some spoiler territory, it’s not. Now, there are some men who are just naturally good at leading. While there are other men who are just great followers? Oh yeah, there are examples of this all over the place. Yet, you are not locked into a particular character. Let’s first examine what each of the different letters is supposed to represent.

Alpha Male

Often known as the leader of the pack. Often seen as the popular kid in school or at work. These types of men are often socially driven and are the center of everyone’s attention. Often seen as being extroverted.

The alpha male is often seen as being confident and sure of his actions. Because of this, he can be charismatic and outgoing in his personality. They are at times also seen as the bad boy or the playboy.

The alpha male can be aggressive when his “territory” is threatened. Yet often seeks your other’s approval, because of that they don’t take criticism all that well.

The term an Alpha male comes from how people classified the perceived leader of animal packs.

Beta Male

This is the alpha males wingman. These are the men who are a part of the alpha males group. They refer to themselves as a friend of that alpha male

Beta males are often more reserved and open than their leaders. They can often lack the self-confidence to actually put themselves out there in the spotlight. A beta male would rather share the spotlight with someone.

The beta males are loyal. They will have your back on tight spots. That can be a detriment to themselves because they don’t like to stand out on their own. Because of this they will often sacrifice their integrity for their leader and to be accepted.

That loyalty also means they are great friends. The beta male will be there at a moment’s notice. 

Gamma Male

Now, this is where the other people start to vary. While most people really understand the first two types of males the rest can vary greatly. Let’s take the Gamma male for example one site tells you that they are the SJW, narcissist, conman type. While another site says they are adventurous.

So what is a Gamma Male? Well, they are a bit of everything. They are apparently misfits and angry at the world while also hopeless romantics but apparently they are often seen as outsiders. They are wanting to be a part of the pack. Yet they struggle to understand women. They hate conflict, and they often lie to themselves. Yet If you look closely you see every person has a touch of Gamma in them.

Delta Male

This is your goof. The comic relief. Yet they are also “the nice guy”. They often have a bit of a grudge against the alpha and beta males because they are working their butts to the bone just to be dumped by the girl for these “superior” guys. 

Because the delta male has often been rejected he is out to be the people pleaser. He is happy to get whatever people will give him but at the same time very resentful of the upper crust. 

Zeta Male

The confirmed bachelor but also the MGTOW type of guy. They have turned away from society and what it has to offer. This is where men have decided to give up on relationships and pull the ultimate victim card out and say I am not going to chance it anymore I am going to be the hermit when it comes to social gatherings. They would rather be alone than try. 

Sigma Male

This one is actually easy to describe, take the alpha male and have him not worry about anybody’s approval. He is the lone wolf. Some people say he is an MGTOW guy but I don’t see that. They aren’t showing to be victim-oriented. In fact, if there is anybody the alpha male finds a rival it is the Sigma male because he doesn’t care what you think. He will do what needs to be done

Omega Male

These guys are often the nerds. They can and often are quirky and sometimes bizarre and they embrace that. They will geek out about their favorite. They often are very diversified in their interests too. So they can be open and friendly and driven too. The big difference? They are more introverted than the alpha and beta males. They don’t need to seek out approval, though they aren’t going to shun it either.

What does all this mean?

This means that all these labels for different personality types are a lot like the zodiac. If you look closely you see the traits you identify the most with and decide yeah that’s me! You will see that you have a bit of gamma in you. You may struggle with the Zeta in you saying, “screw it” Let’s just bounce! 

At the heart of it all, the labels mean nothing. You may see yourself as a beta male and wish you were a sigma male. You can be a gamma male and make the needed changes in your life to be alpha only to stop and become a Zeta. The labels are just labeling to try to explain social hierarchies and people have glommed on to them.

Should You Take The Greek Letters Seriously?

No. Not at all. In fact when you hear a guy make the statement that they are alpha male that is a good sign that they are reaching for that position. The titles don’t mean anything. You can invest all your time and energy into being one level or another and eventually you will have someone come up with a new letter and try to post it off as a superior level. Look at the SIgma male he is supposed to not even conform to the hierarchy he is so removed from it.

So Who are You Supposed to Strive For?

The best, that is simply the answer, strive for the best in who you are. Have a group of friends who will push you to be better and hold you accountable for your actions. If you are not happy with who you are you can change. Labels are just stickers we apply to ourselves. 

People can apply any label they want to you but those labels are just opinions. You have the power and the choice to choose if you accept that label or not. You can be everything that makes an alpha male, alpha and if a guy comes along and calls you a zeta male, you can choose to believe them or not. You don’t have to take any opinion from other people. You can be what you choose to be. Looking for a way to change how you look at yourself? There is a men’s group that can help you find your path and start working to reach your goals. If you are interested check out the Brotherhood of Men.

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