The Power of Positive Thinking: I am

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When it comes to powerful phrases to use in your life what comes to mind? Maybe it’s I have a vision, or perhaps Let’s find out, You might have even tried Open Says Me!. But the real phrase that will open doors for you is one that is a double-edged sword. That phrase starts with “I am” and follows with whatever you are.

If you watch and listen to successful people you will hear them say “I am” in all different situations.

I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am no investor.

Warren Buffett

“I am”, is a statement of who you are. It is that simply put. I am a men’s coach. I am successful. I am a dad. I am a husband. I am an entrepreneur. I am going to have a ranch. I am, insert your declarative statement here.

If you want to be successful you need to say I am successful while doing the work. I am a good dad. While you are fathering. I am an attentive husband. When you are talking to your wife. Starting a power statement with the words of I am changing how you view yourself. 

If you use the Statement as a means to keep yourself focused on where you are wanting to go. The power of thinking positively can keep your mind focused on what is important.

Why is “I am” so powerful?

How are two words that we say so often able to change how you think of yourself? The answer lies in between your ears. The squishy grey matter with lots of wrinkles is nothing more than a computer. Well ok, it is more than just a computer but if you look at it as a computer it will help you understand how the command line of “I am” helps with the programming that you have in you.

When you say I am you are telling your brain how it needs to start processing data from that point forward. Now you are able to basically hit the escape key by contracting that statement. If you say, I am an honest man” but then you steal money from a tip jar. You are essentially hitting the escape key. You are stopping that line of thought from coming to fruition.

The Laws of attraction benefit from this thinking. If you act, this includes talking as though you have already reached the point you have envisioned, you make the interaction of the Laws of attraction work more efficient for you.

“I am” changes your attitude.

Much like Zig Ziglar said

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude

Zin Zigler

This includes how you talk to yourself, and how you talk about yourself. The input you give yourself determines what speed you are going to travel to any destination. If you are not an outgoing person but you want to be, then you might want to start slipping an “I am” statement into your lexicon of phrases. 

You are what you say you are, and your brain reacts accordingly. So start using “I am” a writer, a painter, an artist, a curious person. Use that phrase multiple times a day and you will be surprised how far down the road you get.

Proof of this is even in the bible the phrase “I am” is used 900+ times that is a lot of declarative statements. From I am God to “I am the Root and the Offspring of David…”. I am is an important phrase for us all.

You look to your goals

When you state “I am…” and you are talking about your dreams and goals, you force your mind to focus on what you are desiring. This keeps your thoughts intentional and allows you to keep the power of positive thinking. YOu remind your brain that the goal at hand is important and as you work your mind will keep that thought in the forefront and will notice those things that will help you to accomplish your goal.

Using the “I am” phrase will activate the positive thinking you are after. Yet as I mentioned at the beginning this can go both ways

How “I am” can keep you from your dreams.

Much like the Laws of Attraction. The use of the “I am” can also hold you back. If you say things like…

  • I am a fat ass
  • I am horrible at this. 
  • I suck
  • I can’t do this
  • I am new to this. 
  • I am a failure

All of these are examples of telling yourself the very opposite of what you are wanting to accomplish. Much like Henery Ford is accredited with saying 

Whether you can or you can’t, you are right.

Henery Ford

If you are always tearing yourself down, you will always struggle with finding success in what you do. You are the centerpiece of your story. You write it in the way you talk to yourself about it. Your brain will only think in the way you program it. So if you aren’t finding success pay attention to what you are saying. You find out that you are making I am statements. In thought or out load.

How do you harness this power?

The choice of what you say to yourself is completely up to you. If you want to be rich you don’t have to say I am rich but you can say I am going to be rich. I am going to be successful. Work that phrase I am into your 

As you continue to program your brain to look for the key points that will make you successful. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a good success or a bad success. It just knows that the objective is to either become a very social person or You are wanting to be in a secluded hermit. The choice of what you tell yourself is completely up to you.

It’s not ego

Now strutting around saying I am great, I am great, I am great! That doesn’t mean you are great. In fact, you have to actively be working at being great. So if you are wanting to talk the talk you have to also be working on the walk. If not then you are simply lying to yourself and that is just as bad as not doing anything at all. Because you are just hitting your escape button each time you say the programming prompt.

Sadly there are people who will see your “I am” statements are being egotistical. Maybe they are maybe they aren’t. It could be that your statement that you are a writer raises the knowledge that the other person simply has not even attempted to do anything with their life except complain about how unfair life is. That isn’t your responsibility to try to make them happy. Your responsibility is to simply be the best person you can be.

So it is ego-driven? It can be but that is dependent on if you are going to do the hard work. Are You?

Using I am will make you super.
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