Making marital choices during a crisis.

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We are all of a sudden we as married couples and folks who are living together are spending a whole lot more time with the person we chose to live life with. Today’s video is from Dr. Phil and Ok you may have your opinions about him but I wanted to use this video to point out the question at hand by Margaret of Maine

I realize that I don’t like my husband. I have felt this way for a while, but self-isolation is making me hate him. Should I leave him now or wait till it’s over.

Margret from Maine

Now Phil has some good points about when to make a choice about her marriage. Yeah emotions and stress levels are high but if they are not in danger from one or the other then stick it out till the end.

Then Dr. Charles Sophy also makes a interesting point about Margret and she actually having feelings about her husband. and that is all reality she isn’t ready to leave. Margret actually still has some emotions to work though before she is done.

According to these two, you don’t need to leave a relationship till you can walk away and not have any emotions about that person carrying on because they will and that is where you see the scorned ex-wife who is out to make the husband’s life miserable. She is still emotionally vested in him. She actually deep down still loves this dude and can’t stand that he is moving on with her life when she herself isn’t able to because she does still loves him.

Yet it is interesting to me that they missed the most important words and they are…

Self Isolation is making her hate him.

She isn’t even laying blame on the guy she hates. She is saying that the current situation is in place making her feel something. Well, if you have read any of my other posts you know what I am about to say.

This woman is putting all the blame how she is feeling on the circumstance of the situation. She is not taking responsibility for her emotions. She wants other people and outside influences to have control. First off, why would you want to allow something that can’t even feel emotions to control how you feel? That is like me blowing my top when the lawnmower won’t start (I can’t confirm nor deny that I have done this on many occasions).

If the woman wants to love the man in her life then in all reality she can. She just has to love him she can even go as far as loving him out of spite. That is because even if he doesn’t want her to love him he cant make her feel anything she doesn’t want to.

So as you are sitting at your computer phone or tablet today wondering how you can make a marriage better know that you have power and choices.

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