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5 Choices You Need to Make

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Ok, today’s video is actually pretty amazing in my book. The Presentation is done by Caroline Myss and she is talking about choices. And that there are 7 different choices you should make.

Now choices are the most fundamental power each of us has. Yet sadly we often abdicate that power because we are scared of the results. Yes, all choices have consequences but we are unnecessarily fear the results of those choices. Yet we are wired for knowledge. That knowledge comes from the choices we make. Be it whether we are going to eat a salad today or we are going to splurge and eat a nice thick T-bone. Either way, we have to make a choice and that choice will result in us having the needed fat for our body processes or the needed fiber for elimination.

Caroline talks about 5 choices that matter and that we need to decide. Those choices are

Decide to live a life of integrity

In other words, don’t compromise your values. People want to know folks with integrity. This allows for more friends who are true to you when you live your life to the set of values you have set for yourself. You should never live for the sake of another person. Live for you and your integrity.

Liars don’t heal they are always having to cover their stories when the integrity of their falsehoods are threatened. Liars can’t look forward only back. People without integrity are missing a needed nutrient in their soul because when they lie their body mind and soul knows that a deceitful event occurred. So don’t be dishonest. Live life in a truthful way Are you are a good person? Prove it.

Choose to not pass on suffering but wisdom

Make an active choice to choose suffering or knowledge. Know that life is never fair. It is what you make of the experience. Share with others what you have learned to forget the suffering. That is for your experience and you grow from that discomfort. Grief, sadness, anxiety, despair are all going to happen to you. Know that it is. Know that is it not going to hurt you. Know that none of these emotions can defeat you. All you have to do is keep moving forward.

Choose to take risks

Living life on the sideline is one of the worst actions you can take. There will be a time where you will look back and have regret. Don’t live a life of regret. Live life scared. The anxiety you feel will turn into exhilaration on the other side. Don’t be afraid of humiliation, it is just an emotion that only you will remember.

Risk is where the best memories and experiences come from. The safe path is the path to mediocracy.

Think back, how many times did your fears come true? The answer I can guess is hardly ever. To be able to handle the risk you have to look forward. There is a reason the rearview mirror is so small and the windshield is slow large. The important stuff is in front of you. You are not in the background the past will never happen again. So that part of you is also gone. Stop clinging to ghosts they can’t help you.

Choose new words

Words have power over you. Their meaning is important. Many in today’s society want to try to change the meaning of words to suit their needs and they are only going to wind up in a world of hurt. We can build ourselves up with the power of words. So pay attention to the words you use one yourself and use positive words at all times.

There are three words that are the most toxic and poisonous to the soul. They are Blame, Deserve, and Entitled. You are not entitled to anything in this life. If you think you are you will have a very lonely miserable life.  If you run around blaming others again nobody is going to respect you so again own your own dirt. You don’t deserve anything. You can earn everything. So put yourself to work and you will be surprised at how wonderful life is.

Choose to get up each day and bless it

Each day is a brand new day. There is nothing like it. So choose to wake up and bless this day as being the best you can make it. Bless it because you are here.

So as you can see Caroline has some powerful thoughts and insight in her presentations. Yeah, this video was a bit long but it goes so fast. Enjoy it and tell Caroline what choice you are going to make.

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