EP 17 – Fixed mindset

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What is a fixed mindset?

The Fixed mindset is the thought that you are limited in what you are able to achieve by what your talent is. We often tell kids that they are smart and this is a huge problem for when the kids actually hit a limit on what their smarts are able to create.

This problem can cause kids to shy away from a challenge and keep them from learning that getting something wrong is actually alright. It shows that you are able to improve.

The fixed mindset causes problems because when the talent runs out the person in question thinks that they are not able to improve anymore, which is the farthest from the truth. People also fear that when they can’t do something and it is pointed out they believe that deficiency is a fault against them. So it can be a problem with not only children but adults too.

  • Test scores are permanent
  • Hates challenge
  • Finds fault in themselves when faced with failure
  • Fishing trip example.
  • Everyone else’s problem excuses
  • The burden of talent
  • Alfred Dunlap sunbeam and act paper
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