Setting the goals is done now how do you keep them?

3 Sites that can help you keep your Goals

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Been talking about how to hold on to your goals next year and I thought that since I am just finding out ways to make sure my goals stay with me why not also see what other tactics people use to keep their goals.

Ways to keep motivated

LifeHack has an 8 ways you are able to keep yourself motivated when it comes to your goals. They offer some pretty interesting ways of keeping you going so that you want to finish those goals.

They suggest singing and speaking of your goals in definitive and positive terms. The later is a great means of altering your mindset. What they mean by speaking in definitive goals is instead of “IF I get <blank>” say “When I Get <Blank>” This sets your mind into the process of this is happening and so you are more likely to start making moves to completing that goal.

Another one will awaken the 3rd grader in you by having a sticker chart. So yeah experience the thrill of victory when you get that gold star.

THen you could also allow yourself to daydream about what it will be like if you achieve your goals. So go through this easy read and apply some of the different motivational tactics listed.

This INC Article

Jeff Haden has an interesting approach to goals. He thinks that often goals are not really set up for people to really follow for long terms. He could possibly be right. They are often easy to forget. People often follow their goals until something a bit more pressing shows up. Then the goal gets relegated to the back of the mind until the day before it is due.

Jeff’s suggestion is to set up systems or much like how Stephen Duneier set up systems for him to accomplish all the goals he accomplished. He took small bites

So there are two marks for systemizing your goals so that you are able to achieve them. Always make a step towards your goals. You can do it I know you can.

10 Strategies

The Daily Burn has a post that covers 10 strategies that will help you keep your goals. Now they mention visualizing yourself accomplishing your goal. This is like what LifeHack suggests but Daily burn also has some other tactics that are pretty smart.

Get an accountability partner, or if you have a mastermind let them know your intentions. They are there to help you meet and exceed your goal.

Another tip is actually to take a break from pursuing your goal from time to time. With the occasional look-back and see how far you have actually made it.

So there you go some extra strategies for making your goal setting easier to reach. Do you have your goal set? You might want to hurry. Making a hasty goal is never a good way to choose.

I do have a question for you. If you could have a mastermind for making sure you reach your goals would you be interested? Let me know in the comments below.

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