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3 ways you can change your mindset

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Mindset, the way you attack a problem will determine the type of success you have. The more positive your mindset the better the chance you have at achieving your goals.

Yet we are human and we as people fight the negativity so much that is it a challenge to stay a bright and shining ray of happiness and a positive attitude. So how can you keep a positive mindset when life is pounding your tail into the ground? That is where today’s post comes in to play.

What happens if you notice you have a negative mindset? Your disposition is anything but cheery, how can you fix it. Not sure how you are supposed to turn that frown upside down. There are lots of resources online. Many lines of thinking. But I wanted to start with these three sites that can help you when you are struggling.

7 Ways to Change your mindset.

The first site I like is from Success and they have a post about 7 ways to change your mindset. They give out tips about starting your day off with a series of positive affirmations. I know I know it is hard to think that talking to yourself in the mirror works but it does work. Try it for a month and then report back.

They have other suggestions such as there is always something positive to focus on. Find humor in everything. All the way to find positive friends to hang out with. If you want to change your whole deminer then follow these suggestions. I will be diving deeper into these as we go into our transformation to a can-do attitude.

10 Tips That Will Help You to Overcome Negativity

The next site is by a great blog called the positivity blog and they created a post called, 10 Tips That Will Help You to Overcome Pessimism and Negativity. This is blog is one of my favorites to start off with. You quickly find out that Henrik is one positive dude. How can you not be in a positive mindset when you live in the land of bikini models, right?

This post has some of the best tips I came across. He talks about if you want more positivity then you want to eliminate negative influences. One of these is to turn off the news.

Another tip he has is if you are in a negative situation try finding the good in the environment. In other words, you may ask the power question, “What does this make possible?” How is good about this particular situation.

Henrik also suggests that you workout to stay positive. Which fits with my thoughts to get outdoors. Get some fresh air and get your blood pumping.

Henrik also suggests having a gratitude journal. Each day write down what you are grateful for. This particular exercise is very good for setting your mindset into an abundant mindset.

200 Affirmations

Now if you are ready to do daily affirmations here is a list you can start with. Planet of Success created the ginormous list of affirmations. But not just that they also explain what formations are and how they help. Lots of great information here.

The biggest key to affirmations I can give is that you want to believe that affirmation. if you do not truly believe what you are saying it will not take root and propel you to success. so make sure you believe what you re saying. Say each in this list out loud. When you come across one that makes you say darn straight. You know you have a winner.

I like “I set myself free by forgiving myself”

I also like an affirmation I found in The Big Leap by Gay Hendriks, “I have all the money I need for everything I truly want.”

Anytime you find a quote that rings true to you ask yourself how positive it is. if it is positive Then add it to your list of affirmations. If it rings of a negative mindset then drive it from your mind and avoid it like the plague.

So there you go 3 sites that will help change your thinking to a positive mindset. With that, you will be able to experience more success than you thought possible.

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