You can have your own rite of passage

3 Links to Your Own Rite of Passage

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Since we are talking about adversity and how we need to face that adversity. One way people from many different cultures showed their youth that the struggle to overcome an obstacle is through a rite of passage. I thought it would be a good way to wrap up this interesting week by giving you some links on rites of passage.

How to Create your Own (Manly Style)

If you ever want to find out how to do something manly The Art of Manliness is a great site to turn to. Lots of guys do and rightfully so. In this post the author talks about what is a rite of passage, why these rites are good, then covers the hows of making your own rite of passage.

In their article, they talk about how to Choose your challenge. You want to have your rite of passage be tough but not impossible. It is to stretch your belief in yourself. If it isn’t a challenge then, why go through the trouble?

From there you commit to the event and you let people know when you will be performing this rite. Then the last step is to have a time limit. Like any goal, you have to give it a deadline or it won’t get done.

How To Create Your Own Rite of Passage

Go on a 3 Day Vision Quest

Rain in the Face cabinet by Geo E Spencer, 1891
If you are like me I have a fascination with American Indian culture. The traditions surrounding their vision quest and sweat lodges are elements all men, and now sometimes women go on.

The Vision quest is to help a person find their path. What are they needing to know? They are seeking direction and purpose in their life. So many times they go to their Shaman and seek a vision quest.

For modern times it may be a little difficult for you to go on a vision quest in the middle of the week. So Here is a way you can have a Vision quest with a little modern twist.

How to Go on a 3 day Vision Quest

Another view on how to have a modern rite of Passage

This link is created by Jayson Gaddis. I heard of this blog through the New Man Podcast hosted by Tripp Lanier

In this post-Jayson talks about the Call for the adventure of going on a rite of passage. many men get this overwhelming desire to do something dangerous. Get the blood pumping and feel that exhilaration of the unknown.

Jayson then covers that there is the separation from your comforts. This is looked at as you pealing away the old you. Much like how an insect sheds out outer shell. This is so that you can grow.

Crossing the Line Ceremony, USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) on 16 May 2008

Then there is the initiation. We as a society have shied away from initiations because they are viewed as hazings. Yet initiations are often full of celebrations. In high school, we have high school initiations where the freshmen were kidnapped Forced to wear their underwear outside of their clothes and then they duck walked down the main street while the seniors cracked eggs on their heads and added a layer of shaving cream and baby oil to them. The whole town would come out to participate.

In the Navy, there is a WOG day. Depending on where you crossed the equator after going through an involved ritual of swimming through garbage and Kissing the slimy belly of the Royal Baby. So much goes on with this and is out of fun and then you have the honor of being called a Shellback.

Then there is the return to your world and you are then viewed in a different light because you have tackled a adversity and become a different person for it.

How to Create Your Own Modern Day Rite-of-Passage (I’m personally going through a huge one)

So there you go a list of rites of passages that you can do yourself What RIte are you thinking of doing? share it in the comment section below.

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