3 Key Elements to an Incredible Mastermind

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Masterminds are a tool that allows for a group of people to come together, support, and elevate each other so that they can meet their goals and objectives. That is a good definition as any. So why does a mastermind work so well? Is it as Napoleon Hill states that it is that you and your group connect with THE mastermind? That I don’t know but I do know you are compelled to excel at your objective, whatever that objective may be.

Now as with anything, there are different grades of masterminds. There are good masterminds. There are no so good masterminds. Some masterminds never even get past the first meeting. Some start out grand and then like Roanoke just fade into the annals of time.  

So what makes a mastermind good versus a mastermind that becomes a dumpster fire? Three elements are important to have a mastermind that will expand your possibilities.

A Mastermind Needs Openness or Vulnerability

So many times, we keep information to ourselves either, it is because you are afraid that people will laugh or we don’t want to look foolish or vulnerable.

These elements of your humanness are needed for people to be able to connect with you. Especially those people are going to be your closest friends. That is exactly what the people in your mastermind are going to be. They are going to be your closest friends.

When it comes to going through the fire of whatever trial or tribulation you are facing with your group, they have to be connected to you. That need is hampered when you close yourself off. People have a hard time trusting others when there is no sense of a bond between them. These people in your mastermind group are not out to hurt you they have their own ordeals that they are facing. Yet, if you are able to be vulnerable, you give the members of your mastermind the opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level. Which develops into a better understanding of the direction you are coming from.

Being vulnerable with your mastermind allows for your group to grow closer and stronger.
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Have you ever been around someone who is being secretive? It sticks out like a sore thumb. Why? Because you pick up on the elements of their subterfuge. They are not acting like someone who is being open and honest. Many times we are in an element of scarcity mindset when we are being secretive. We often act out of fear. We are afraid of what a person in the group is going to think if we talk about our personal life. Well, guess what. They are going to have thoughts about you whether you talk about the problems you are having or not.

You can make the thoughts on your terms, instead of them by sharing. If you are still nervous about saying something then you can always start with the statement of this is hard to share. That is the first door to allowing your mastermind member to start caring for and about you.

Trust in Your Mastermind

Much like being open, trust is one of those elements to a mastermind that you have to have. Without trust in your fellow mastermind group members, you won’t feel confident enough to share your plans and strategies. If you cant share your thoughts and plans then you are not going to be able to get the most out of the group. You won’t feel like you can share your best because

Your rewards will come. Not only in seeing your Mastermind friends excel in their goals but their coming around to help you so you also excel too.

In truth, no mastermind can exist without full trust in each member. If you and the rest of your members can’t trust each other or even if there is one person nobody else can trust then the whole group falls apart. Trust is the center pole of a mastermind group. Without the support poles like a circus tent, it starts sagging and eventually falls to the ground. Trust is essential, I can’t say it any plainer.

Your mastermind group has to trust you and you have to trust them.
Photo by Ludovic François on Unsplash

The Same can be said about when only one person can’t be trusted. The rest of the group isn’t able to freely share. Distrust creates a fog of fear around those meeting each week. That distrust will do that same for one as it does for many. The whole organization collapse and the people feel as if they have been cheated.

Trust is a two-way street. You have to give trust for it be given. The best way to get a mastermind off on the right foot is to decide for your self you aren’t going to hide anything. Now you don’t have to go off and start telling everybody about the time you stole gum from the convenience store. Unless it helps to frame something that can help somebody else. If it is useful then share. How do you know it is useful when you feel as if you have to stop yourself from sharing it. Even if you are a bit uncomfortable. Sharing in the face of that fear can help you build a better trust foundation

Remember though trust is a tough foundation to build. Yet is it easy to destroy. So keep it honest and your mastermind will soar.

Serve with a Servant Mindset

A mastermind is a give and takes relationship. To enter into this relationship with a servants mindset means that you put everybody’s needs before yours. You help them to grow and be better and that in turn compels them to help you.

In marriage, I often say that You want to give 100% and expect 0% in return. That can be applied to your mastermind group too. Give all you can to help your group. You don’t have to sacrifice but serve them. Don’t worry about what is in it for you.

Your rewards will come. Not only in seeing your Mastermind friends excel in their goals but their coming around to help you so you also excel too. Give to the group. Give your thoughts, dreams, ideas, and aspirations. Provide opinions and advice. Share your insights from your experiences. Those experiences are unique to you and do no good unless you share it with other people. Those people who you know like and trust. That trust opens the avenue for vulnerability. While being open allows for an honest connection to develop.

Serve your mastermind group by giving of yourself.
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

So, why not go find a mastermind that will help you achieve your objective. If you are needing help reaching your goals You can find masterminds for that very thing. If you want to lose weight, there is a WWE wrestler who has a fitness mastermind that is simply amazing and surprisingly affordable. Masterminds help you in so many different ways if you are open to helping people and building lasting friendships. Go find a mastermind and see where you go.

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