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Goals, have you ever completed a goal? No? You ever dream of getting out of the rat race and striking off on your own. Why have you not taken the steps needed to go reach for your dream? So many people talk the talk but completely forget to take action. They may “Try” but don’t succeed.

Goals Don’t Work?

You have probably tried to reach a goal haven’t ya? Maybe you have tried several times only to fail each time. So why try any more. Maybe you have the limiting belief that some were just meant to make it. While others, like you, are meant to flounder with their lot in life. You just can’t make anything good happen. Do you ever have that type of self-pity party? I know I have. I still fight that nagging imposter syndrome every time I fail.

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So why worry about making goals? The very few ever actually ever complete a goal, with so many failures that show that they are not helpful. Why try to get out of the hole you are in? You are comfortable in your cubical. You know that you will pretty much bring home the same amount every pay period. You have the security of that job. There is the security of your health care plan. Life is so predictable right now. Why mess up such a good thing right? It all works pretty well, as long as you don’t overspend on the credit cards again.

You don’t want to make the effort to make more money. You don’t want to step out of that comfort zone because you might mess up that secure job. You are happy with that job, right? It is good to see that you don’t have any dreams so many people hope for something better. So many people want to go on one dream vacation. I do believe you said that you wanted to take your son to camp in the Grand Tetons. He is a junior. Man, where does that time go? You have the best intentions. So why can’t you get those wants completed? Why are you not able to complete those goals you aspire to accomplish? What are you waiting for?

Roger Bannister’s Story

One of the best examples of what happens when you make a goal and reach it is the story of Roger Bannister.

Roger was a runner in England. He was a good runner in fact. He trained to be an Olympiad in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics He ended up finishing fourth in the event. After his crushing defeat, he was trying to decide if he wanted to hang up his cleats forever or what? He decided to make a goal he was going to be the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes. He had been close several times. January 21 he got close 4:02.4. He had failed again. Roger Bannister was getting good at this failing thing.

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Then came May 6, 1954, this event almost didn’t happen because the winds were blowing around 25 miles an hour and Bannister knew he would be wasting his energy on the headwinds. That is until right before the race. The winds died down. Bannister and five other runners were going to help Bannister in his attempt to beat the record. He used the other runners for keeping pace. Keeping the pace he did. He was going fast enough to make his last lap around under 59 seconds. When he crossed the finish line, Roger Bannister had run the mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds. Since then many people have bear Bannisters record. Before that, they were comfortable with thinking that the 4-minute mile was impossible.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Is setting and achieving goals easy? Well, setting goals are easy Bannister made the goal of running a mile in under 4 minutes. Could he do it? He thought he could but as a whole, he didn’t know until he tried. How many goals have you completed? I bet you have completed a few. Just not any that was as big and audacious as Roger Bannisters. Many people do make huge goals and they do complete them.

What happens when you do actually complete your goals? Honestly, several things happen the biggest is that you grow, both as a person and in your abilities. Your confidence expands because you realize that yeah you can do that. How do you complete your goals? That is where the rubber meets the road. You have to do the work. Most people do everything they can till it starts to become hard, and then they quit. They decide that the pain and discomfort of the goals are not worth the rewards.

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You may have even heard that over 75% of all New Years Resolutions fail. I have heard that too, I see that stat and I see that over 75% of the people who tried new years resolutions didn’t put in the work. While less than 25% did and they succeeded. I want you to succeed too.

You can have the needed help much like how Roger Bannister did. He had the help of five other pacers, to help him in his effort. A mastermind group is a lot like those pacers. A Mastermind group can help ensure that you do the work by holding you accountable to your goals. They lift you up when you are struggling. You are able to reach the goals, you just need some help.

I have a mastermind that can help. This mastermind is there just to help you make your goals, plan them out and help you actually achieve success with those goals. You will be able to find that confidence that you lost. We meet once a week and all the members of that group help you to make sure you reach your goals. So you can take your son to the Grand Tetons. Have that honeymoon with your wife you never able to take. Those pipe dreams you thought of are possible if you make your goal and join my mastermind for only $75 a month

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