Overcoming Difficulties In Your Path

We all have difficulties. Thats a part of life. Those hard times you encounter are often called Character building exercises. Then there are the really hard times that will blindside you on some idle Tuesday.

These big problems can often trip people up. These boulders inlife often cause people to sink into dispair or give up all together. This week We are talking about these obsticles and Ryan Holiday’s book The Obsticle is the Way.

This video by LearningREADefined explains the book in such a personal and perfect way. We often have this wierd misguided beliefe that our path through life will be obsticle free. Then when that door shows up and you have to solve a problem people get this odd mindset that they cant do it. That the door is somehow keeping us from the goal we are out to acheive.

The narrator for the video explains three lessons we can learn about the obstacle and why it isn’t actually a bad thing.

Don’t Waste Time with Useless reactions

How do you perceive and respond to the obstacle? You may find an obstacle to be this huge problem. Do you respond or do you react? There is a difference. If you are being given medication and you have a reaction to the meds that is perceived as a bad thing. While if you are responding to treatment then you’re getting better. So how do you respond to your obstacle?

Think of progress not perfection

Many times we focus on the obstacle and trying to get past that obstacle that we often actually stop focusing on our goal. We have to find a way to entirly clear the bolder in out path in stead of just getting enough out of the way that we can get by it.

Life is a marathon

There are always going to be obstcles in our way. Thinking that you only have this one problem and then you are worry free is far from correct.

So learn a new unique mindset on what obstacles are and how to get by them.

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