ep 24 – Who’s Story are You Living Out?

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We all have a story in our heads. Yet we often have the wrong story. The story you tell is apart of whether or not you are going to succeed.

Now, these stories are yours. But are you telling your story in the right frame of light or are you perhaps living somebody else story? Doing this doesn’t serve you and often it doesn’t benefit you in any way.

What is meant by your story?

Your story is what are you telling yourself. It can also be the story others are saying about you. Others can have whatever story they want. The real story is your story,

Other people can have their own story about you.

Yes, people are going to have their own story about you. You cant change this and why should you?

What the story isn’t truthful? Ok, but how does their thought of you affect you. They may tell the boss their thoughts? Yeah, they may but the boss also has their own thoughts about you. Maybe some of their stories are true. What then? You work for your story. If the story isn’t correct their story will change on its own. If it doesn’t it really doesn’t matter it is their story.

Are you living someone else’s story?

Why would you live someone else’s story

Many times we live other people’s stories for many different reasons. Perhaps it’s a parent that wants you to go to college so that you can take over the family business. They may say that it is your birthright and you don’t want to upset your parents. Yet you love welding and the family business is office supplies. These two really don’t fit together that well.

There are many reasons why you start living by someone else story. Many times it so that we don’t rock the boat. Then again it could be because you have been guilt-tripped into that story. So you give up your dream or aspirations of being a writer.

Yet living your own story is important. You need to have your own story.

Are you telling yourself the Right story?

Here is an example for you. When I was a kid I was the child of a rancher. And from time to time I was told to get up and go help with breaking up frozen stock tanks in the winter. The work was cold. It was made worse because I would have to dig the ice chunks out of the tank so that they didn’t freeze over again. In the spring I would be out in the rain looking for the weed that is shorting out the electric cattle fence. The summers were a combination of building miles of fence in 100° weather and grading roads in the wind.

That sounds pretty miserable, right?

Or I could tell the story of Many times I wanted to stay under the warm cover and sleep. Yet since I was helping my dad when he was needing it. I would get up and help him bust up the ice in stock tanks we would talk about random things and with my dad’s sense of humor, I was always laughing at something. I may be building the fence in summer but dad would be right there with sweat just pouring off of him. I remember applying sweat with hard work and would apply that to my work ethic as I got older.

When the season to work cattle came around I remember the whole family would get together and pitch in. I would get to see my cousins and we would goof around as we loaded the cattle into the “snake” so they could be given the needed medicine, tagged and branded. These were such good times.

See the difference one is a victim minded story of woe and the other is a story of relationships and learning. You have a choice in what light you are going to see your story.

To find your story, can take a while. Maybe you need to change your story. The good news is that you can. It is your choice as to you want to live your story or live your parent’s story. You have the choice you always have that choice. Remember that not choosing is a choice in itself.

So know that you are telling yourself a story and if you don’t like it then start making those waves.

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