What Solitary Confinement Does to The Brain

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What happens when the mind has very little to no mental stimulation? This week’s video talks about what happens to a person when they are placed in a solitary confinement cell. Now this goes from the humanitarian angle of why solitary is not good for people and I would agree that people need a human to human interaction but what I wanted to point out here are some of the similarities between people who are in solitary confinement and those who lock themselves up in their house with no interaction.

Prisoners have seen

  • increased anxiety
  • aggression
  • depression
  • and memory impairment

There is also less brain matter being produced in the Prefrontal cortex which decreased the person’s ability to socialize.

There are also studies that show that prisoners have increased nervousness and fears of mental breakdowns. It has also been linked to the increase in suicides. So listen and

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I like being able to help people find their "why" and achieve the personal freedom they desire. Besides writing for Relaxed Male I also am a life coach. By helping men find the leader that is found in each and every one of us. I do this by encouraging men to get outdoors and find the balance they are missing. Realize that they need to be in contact with the outside as often as they can. It is not only good for them but for their families and relationships.

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