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Sleep it is your best friend and worst enemy depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Often men who are battling with themselves have a hard time sleeping. They sit up late at night with things on their mind. Did they say the right thing at the job? How am I going to fix the snafu with the wife?

giphyAll of these and more can cause insomnia. Here are some ways you can get some sleep and better yet, restful sleep that will help you stay alert and sharp. That way you can stand out in the meeting and not because you had the rubber neck head bobs.

you and I know that sleep is important. there have been stories on guys who have stayed up for 3 days playing games only to die the moment they stood up. There is not only the health aspect of a lack of sleep there is also the physical effects.

So lets keep ourselves looking youthful and enegertic with these three sites that Talk about how to sleep better.

48 Sleep Hacks

Having trouble sleeping? Here are 48 sleep tips that will help your find out the hows and whys you are having troupble catching the zzz’s you want.

THe author talks about getting to bed and waking up at the same time. This is because your body actually likes a rhythm. There is talk about your cracian rhythm and the diferent stages one goes through.

There is also the unique conept of the 28 hour day that has been shown to help some people with their sleep problems. Diet and aromatherapy are also talked about. THis is a huge post that is chocked full of thoughts and ideas and concepts. So here is a good place to start.

Sleep Deeper

Alex Furgus has a few solutions on how you can get deeper more restive sleep. Now Alex has a lot of good tops and out of the ordinary ideas Like using the now popular CBD’s. He also covers substances like phenabut and also vitimin deficentcies. So Alex has covered any different ways of making sure you can achieve the deep restorative sleep you could be missing.

Sleep Naturally

Mama Natural’s blog has an impressive post on how you can get to sleep in a natural mannor. From installing black outshades on your windows, to using the white noise, or ear plugs. Her suggestions are common sense and very ehlpful.

She also talks about why you want to make your room cooler at night. I nenver knew why that was but thanks to Mama Natural now I know and knowing is half the battle.


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