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Here are 7 different tactics to help you not be angry

7 Ways to Prevent Anger

Reading Time: 8 minutes Anger, we have talked about what it is and where does anger come from. Knowing about anger is good. Yet we still at times get mad. Though the bible doesn’t say it, I am sure somewhere along his story, Job threw his hands up and said, “Oh Come ON!” We as humans get angry. That goes without saying. There wouldn’t be an emotion called anger if we all didn’t get ticked off from time to time. Anger as an emotion can be debated as to whether it is good or not. It is definitely a good motivator because you, as a …

Conquer your obstacles easily with a positive mindset

What Is Your Mindset?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Growing up I always heard you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. I know I said that about my son more than once when he would sneak out of a locked house to go play at the park. When that boy wanted to go outside, he was going outside. He had a getting outside mindset. I am sure you have heard that and see examples of people who are able to do almost anything. They always seem to land on their feet. Have you ever wondered why that is? How about those folks who just seem …

Your belief system is important for success

Your Belief System

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s all mind over matter. You have heard this before. I am sure you have. Did you ever think it was just a means of keeping your hand from being burned by a candle flame? All it was is a philosophical mumbo jumbo put out my swami’s in the Far East. Yeah, I sense the skepticism you may have. That skepticism is good to a point. It means you have experienced life and you have been bitten by something. So you have the phrase, Once bitten, twice shy in your vocabulary. You have been tricked, swindled, had bamboozled, or some …