look to other cultures on how they handle their grief

How Others Handle Grief

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OK, let’s wrap this week of a downer with a little bit a levity and learn a thing or two. This Friday linkfest is about different funeral customs and some interesting people who were buried in interesting ways.

15 different funeral customs from around the world.

Whether you have Jazz funeral in New Orleans or you have your body stuffed in a tree. Scoopwhoop found several interesting ways for a final send-off. Papua New Guinea takes the winner in my book not only do some people eat their dead. UGH! There is also a tribe that lops off their fingers as a way to scare off evil spirits. Yeah, I wouldn’t mess with them either if they did that. Not that they could fight if they had 10 or more funerals behind them.

There is also Fantasy coffins in Ghana. Then there is the custom of burying your loved one in the kitchen!

Other Funeral Customs from around the world

In this article, You have some cross over to the previous link. Yet there are a little more details in the customer of funerals.

The Torajans don’t bury their dead. Nope, they stay hanging out in special houses made for them. People bring them food and sit and visit with them. talk about keeping the relationship alive. The Torajans do just that.

They also talk about how Judaism perform their funerals and that there is no cremation and the body can’t be left alone till it is buried.

There is the belief in Islam that grave dirt can’t touch the corpse. And that they are buried laying on their side so they are facing Mecca.

Then there is Catholicism and Hinduism and a few more who have fascinating ceremonies

Odd funerals

Now let’s talk about how individuals like to express their life after they have passed. Some like to still be the life of the party. While there are those who would rather be bowling.

People are strangely fascinating in their own ways. From being buried on their motorcycle While Taiwanese seem to like strippers a lot.

Since we are all terminal many chose to keep their personality going strong. So Hope you enjoyed it and will be even more positive next week Be safe!

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