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Good Way to Strengthen Your Family Relationships

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week’s video is a TED Talk. And is a mother-daughter team that has a cool way to making sure that there is a strong family relationship. This video is presented by Rosie and Claire Erasmus with a wonderful English accent. They start off with the saying that you want to take care of your body and mind because they are the 2 places you have to live. They then jump into the point that our families often have digital babysitters. These are the Mobile devices and other computer-based items we use to find our own entertainment. These devices are …

What is an After Action Review?

Reading Time: < 1 minute You want to looks and listen to what you have done understand the reasons as why you need to have an after action review of every event in your life. if you have an disagreement with your spouse run an after action review. You completed a project run an after action review. You can learn so much from these. What did I do good? what did I do wrong? what need to be improved those questions will get you far. They invoke a sense self-exploration that will help you grow each time. Share11TweetPin2ShareShare13 Shares

How to Plan Your Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why would you want to plan your life? This is a good question to ask. So many people want spontaneity in their life or don’t want to effort of planning their life that they simply would rather float down this river. Then they look back later on in their life and they wonder why they didn’t get anything done. They start to blame other factors that could have caused their lack of success often they blame the rich for the reason they don’t have any money saved up. Many people think that the rich actively sought them out so they …

What to Look For In a Backpack

Reading Time: < 1 minute This weeks video is a step away from the thoughts of connection and self love. It is the end of the month again and so we are getting outside. REI has a great video that talks about backpacks and how to choose a good pack for those who want a nice weekend hike or an extended winter hike. Our educator in the video is Miranda with the REI co-op. Sizes or capacity to choose The sizes vary from small day packs to large multi day hiking trips. The difference depends on how much you want to carry. If you are …

The A’s of Gratitude

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are 4 important A’s related to gratitude. These A’s are important to spreading gratitude to other people. The A’s are Appreciation Approval Admiration Attention So catch the wisdom of Brian Tracy and expand your area of gratitude and influence. Share3TweetPin1ShareShare4 Shares

Can You Really Find Your Life’s Purpose in Under 10 Minutes?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you thinking of looking for your Life’s purpose? Do you like Venn diagrams? Then I found a video you will like. Today Clark Kegley is helping you find your purpose. He is going to help answer the question, what is your calling? Now Clark has some great advice here. He is actually playing with the length of his video. Which just happens to be 10 minutes long. Clark has a great point right off the bat that I think is an amazing point. “Life isn’t about finding ourselves. Life is about creating our selves.” No Truer words have been …

Social Capital and Relationships

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today’s video is a wonderful tale of a man and his cousin Carrie. Al Condeluci talks about the adventures he had with his cousin who just happened to have what many considered to be a disability. Al discusses why his cousin would be made fun of and what it was about the power of social capital. That capital is the social value a person brings to the group. Condeluci discusses how we each have a value and how we share that value with others allows us to grow. It is a bit long but very worth a watch. Share20TweetPin2ShareShare22 Shares

Restoring Your Brain

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ok, Todays a short video compared to some I have shown on Monday’s videos. This is a talk by David Strayer and he is explaining why you are able to restore your brain. He first sets up a scene of this stock trader who doesn’t see the beauty in the national park he in. He is too busy with a phone stuck to her ear to allow for nature and all her glory to the needed work on her. The details that David gave on the studies of the human brain and how they react and start to fix themselves …

Strange Neighbors

Reading Time: < 1 minute You may not know who Scooter Braun is I know I didn’t till this video. He was a guy who had a great mentor pushing him when he needed the pushing. He screwed up a bit, he is the guy who discovered Justin Bieber. So he shows nobody is perfect but he pushed through and has success in his eyes. He has succeeded in what society thinks is a success. How did he get this success? He pushed through the troubles. He was scared and held to his integrity. Doing so was one of the biggest reasons he has succeeded. …