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Importance of Best friends

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week’s video is on the importance of people having best friends. The person this week is actually Jordan Peterson again! He explains why people need to have best friends while being a child and he juxtaposes his thought over a school in England that doesn’t allow kids to have best friends. Jordan explains why it is important for kids to have a friend though it may seem that you are excluding other people for this one person. In all reality, you are giving this one person, your best friend the opportunity to build more trust in that particular person. …

The Compound Effect

Reading Time: < 1 minute How do you get ahead? The answer can be fairly simple to explain and when executed it will almost seem like cheating. In the book the compound Effect by Darren Hardy the author explains how getting just 1% better each day will put you miles ahead of anybody else. Doing just a little bit more than normal call allow you to make huge strides in the progress in your dreams and aspirations. This works because you build on all your minor wins and the lessons of your failures. Building on each win better defines you and your capabilities. so watch …

Leaving your past

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week we are looking at your past. How do you get past your past? Odd question but this video pushes to have you step out into the light of all that possible. It sets to motivate you to understand that your past can’t hurt you it was a painful part of your life but it doesn’t have any control over you now. Share3TweetPin2ShareShare5 Shares

Give Without Expecting Anything in Return

Reading Time: < 1 minute This week we are talking about giving and expecting nothing in return. Which is a terribly tough thing to do in normal everyday life. Yet, it is possible and is one of the keys to leading a fulfilling life. If you can let go of the desire to get recognition or some type of reward for doing something for another person. That is what this weeks video tries to explain. The why it helps to give with out the expectations of anything in return. I get how this almost flys in the face of the individual yet this isn’t altruism. …

Why You Need to Read

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you read books? I mean physical books or digital. Why do you need books? There are many reasons why reading is so important yet we have fallen out of the skills of reading. There are so many benefits to reading that you may not know and that is what we are talking about today. Share2TweetPin3ShareShare5 Shares

The Uncommon Man

Reading Time: < 1 minute There are uncommon men among us. This week we have a motivational video that helps you to get the mindset to start getting started for the most productive and greatest learning experience for next year. Yeah We may want to be comfortable, but make this next year the year of discomfort. Share2TweetPin3ShareShare5 Shares

The Problem with Perfectionism

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am readdressing the problem perfectionism has on everybody. Especially with the holiday’s coming around. The anxiety levels grow as we try to cook our first turkey or finding the perfect gift for a loved one. The act of aiming for perfection in itself is a big enough challenge that we can drive ourselves crazy because you unrealistically don’t understand all that our task involves. So thanks to the School of Life Youtube channel for making such a great video explaining perfectionism. Share15TweetPin2ShareShare17 Shares

Play Rough

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boys and girls need rough and tumble play. Dr. Jordan Peterson tracks about how and why kids need to have rough and tumble play. It allows for them to one get to know their bodies but it also helps them understand how to be social and how dominance works out. Share3TweetPin2ShareShare5 Shares