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A Slobs Advice on Dropping The Perfectionist Schtick.

Reading Time: 8 minutes There are two different types of people out there in the world. There are the perfectionists and then there are the rest of us. You may call us Normal, slobs, aloof, many other names for those who don’t see the need for the amount of detail you see. You may be pushing a pixel around for two days trying to decide which place it looks the best. Has the best impact and will wow everybody who sees it. While a slob may get it close enough and not worry about the pixel level placement because shoot who’s going to see …

Your Life as Clay

Reading Time: 6 minutes You can look at life much as you could a lump of clay. You can shape it and form it to your will. Then there is a very difficult part that many won’t do. Are you willing to take all the steps needed?

EP 18 – The Biggest Liar is The People Pleaser

Reading Time: 3 minutes So many people say they hate liars. You cant trust them. Yet many of those people are the worst liars around. Now there are two types of people who are inherantly liars. No I am not talking about Navy recruters or politicians. I am talking about Addicts are liars and the other natural liar is a people pleaser. I want to talk this week about the second. I will address the first at some time down the road, but today we are looking at people pleasers. Why People Pleasers? People pleasers are people who go out of their way to …

Your Journey From Crappy to Awesome

Reading Time: 13 minutes We so desperately want to make huge and massive changes to our lives, especially when you start looking outwards and seeing what is possible. Maybe you want to do something huge and start a side business. Then again perhaps you see are starting to see the different possibilities if your family and the relationship with your wife. That body of yours has been abused and stuffed full of food. You find that you are expanding but it’s your waistline and not your horizons. I get that trust me that is what started me on my own journey. However, we often …