Shift Your Focus with the Questions You ask

I wanted to dive just a little deeper in the area of you are what you say to yourself. This is a big key to changing your mindset. Not only the words that you say to yourself have an influance but also the questins you ask yourself and even your Self.

Some folks call Your inner self your subliminal mind. Then there are people who may call it your unconcious mind. Which ever way you want to describe it. Asking questions causes you to change your focus.

Asking questions is a part of a leader. You maybe known as the answer man but to get the answer you have to ask questions. Not just general low ball questions, but quality questions that you and you mind can ponder on and find the rught answer that will propell you to the next level.

Tony Robbins talks about how askign questions can affect your focus. Why you want to ask those questions so that you are focused on reaching your full potential.

There are good questions and there are horrible questions to ask. If you are always asking why you are so dumb your brains going to give you the answer to why you are dumb. So choose good questions.


  1. I love the idea of asking myself questions. I think I do that without even meaning to – first thing in the morning – I start by asking myself – what is my plan for this day, and I quickly go through the things I want to achieve. I’m going to try and do that in a more conscious way. Loved the clip you attached. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I just tripped over the concept recently so I hope I have it all fully understood.

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