The Camping Gear You Need

Alright, April is leaving me with high hopes and an eagerness to get outdoors. That means that camping season is here. You could have gone camping a few times here in Oklahoma but with the wind, it would be a challenge.

Now I have to admit I haven’t gone camping as of yet because of 1 work but also I am still getting some needed equipment. But I will be doing some backyard camping just so I am able to get used to the tents and sleeping bag and keep my goals.

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I am missing a lot of what I feel are essential pieces of equipment.  Those pieces are mostly kitchen based but I don’t have other pieces that are needed. Like a Footprint mat or Ground tarp for the tent. I absolutely need one for the bottom of my tent. I need the essentials for food. So I have a long ways to go before I can get out to the campgrounds in the local area.

So to start off the first video we have just the basics that you need and mark most of this as stuff I don’t have, yet. I will cover more of what I need to get on Wednesday’s Post.

Then we have a twofer! Two videos because this next video shows someone I want to be. He has a system down and I love what he has for his truck. From the Widowmaker Jack, aka A high lift jack to how his tote system is set up. There is so much that I have to learn from this man and his wife, it is truly inspiring

So There you go the basics for the beginner and the basics for the advanced camper. What do they have that you need or what did they completely miss and you believe you should have in your Camping kit? Tell us in the comments below.

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