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Guys I am getting more and more excited about the days warming up. The days are getting sunnier the important part is that the nights are getting warmer. Often we are faced with nice temperate days but the nights would get a bit too chilly.

Now that we are in the throws of late spring camping is here in my books. I am ready. I finally get to start working on another goal that I have set. Get out and camp 6 times this year I can also incorporate another goal of visiting and reviewing 4 hiking trails. If I play my cards right I should be able to blow past that goals fairly easily.

So with spring being here and summer quickly approaching, I thought I would help those getting ready to go out and apply a small refresher as somethings that need to be done before hitting the campgrounds.

Check the Equipment

Your Camping equipment will change according to your need
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We all know that everything is still going to be where it was last time you took your camping kit out to the wilds of your local state park or even your backyard. Yet You want to look things through. Maybe you ran out of toilet paper and you have completely forgotten about it over the winter break.

Perhaps mice have decided to use your tent as a home for their broods and now you have this huge hole in the corner of your tent and it will now stay up. There is the chance that you stored your tent all wrong and now you have weak spots that may be prone to tearing. Things happen and you may not have noticed when packing up and it leads to a rather disheartening day as you set up this summer.

So here are some common pieces of equipment you want to look over before you get outdoors and realize that you have a problem.

Inventory list

One thing I recommend you have for your camping kit is an inventory list. This is a great starting place. you will have spices and the such that go bad as they sit through the winter so you will know what needs to be replaced. You also know what you are running low on at just a glance.

You can also use your list to see if Junior has helped himself to something that didn’t get put back. I have become a huge fan of an inventory list as my camping Gear acquisition Syndrome increases in voracity. I can also use my list as a means to see what I still need. So if you are like me and getting outdoors for the first time in years then you also see what you lack.

Inspect the tent

Almost nothing is as important as your tent. You don’t have to have your tent but if it rains or it is at the height of insect season you may want some type of shelter to protect you. Since that probably is the case or at least the case in my world, you want to look over your tent.

Places to look closely at

The seams are places that take a lot of stress they are pulled and tugged at. This being the weakest link you want to make sure they are good and strong or you may be wishing you had some duct tape later.


You also want to look at the floor and make sure there are not any worn holes in the floor so that bugs and water are easily able to get in.


Also, look at the walls and make sure that you don’t have places where your creases from storage have caused weak areas. Maybe a tree branch had poked a hole in your tent and you forgot about it after you stored it away.


You also want to look at the mesh. windows and tops. That material is very thin and is prone to be torn. So look it through or you may have more skeeter bites than you originally planned for

Tent Pegs

Look over your tent pegs. Do you have enough? How about your guidelines? Are they in good order? It wouldn’t hurt to have some sturdy paracord in your repair kit. so you can replace the frayed lines and your tent will be able to stay secured in the event of a storm.

Check your Sleeping bags

If you don’t store your sleeping bag correctly you may be doing yourself a disservice. Plan ahead and let your bag air out. Let those insulating fibers expand back as much as they can.

Outer shell

Check to make sure your outer shell doesn’t have any holes or you are finding any stuffing leaking out. You may have had a seem to let loose which is an easy fix with a needle and some thread.

Examine the tear to make sure you didn’t have a mouse who decides to use your bag as a comfortable home. If it looks like it has been chewed. Give it a good shake to make sure you don’t feel any solid bodies bouncing around in there.

Also, make sure you don’t have any very unpleasant mouse dropping come clattering out. If that is the case then you might want to fix the hole and then wash it several times.

You may also want to wash your bag if it was stained or dirty.

Inner Liner

You want to look at your inner liner for the very same reason as you want to look at your outer liner. You may have a wear spot and the insulation is leaking. May have an insect or mouse invasion due to the comfort of the bag.

If you find any holes you want to make sure you get those sewn up or patched up in whatever way you can.

You also want to make sure it doesn’t smell. If you didn’t have a bag liner and didn’t wash it after using it all last year, you may have a healthy layer of sweat, body oils, and other unpleasantries. With that being the case your bag could have a funk that might be good for keeping the flies and mosquitoes away. It will also keep the other campers away. You don’t want to smell like a vagrant.


You also want to make sure your Zipper is still in working order. Does the pull look like it is coming apart? Is it not working like it is supposed to? Maybe the zipper is busted? You then know you need to buy a FixnZip.

Kitchen equipment

WIth the kitchen equipment, you want to inspect your cast iron make sure that there’s no rust forming. Make sure your camp stove is good you have plenty of fuel. Also, ensure that you have all the needed spices and such in your kit. You are also able to develop a shopping list for the damaged and lost items that you are needed. So make sure to look through everything.

From there keep going down your inventory list and ensure you have all that you need. Replace the broken that can’t be fixed and fix that which you can fix. That way as you get ready to head out you can go without any surprises.

Are you ready for your camping trip? Where are you going? Did you have to fix anything? Let me know in the comment section below.

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