Tony Robbin’s On Raising Your Standards

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This week we are talking about standards and this week’s video is about Tony Robbins and his views on what a standard is. He describes Standards as a list of Musts. These are things in your life that you bind your whole identity to. Tony describes how one of the single most powerful forces is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves

Tony then goes on to talk about when you came about and decided who you really are and what you are able to do. He used the Elephant analogy to help explain how we condition our thoughts to say that we are one way.

Yet Tony goes on to explain that we are able to change those standards. You can change your must to I am a millionaire. I am a business owner. I am a masculine man. I am a caring and devoted husband. Much like a smoker can switch to I am a smoker to I don’t smoke.

When did you decide to accept a limitation in your life? There is something that you are not happy with that you have just decided that you are that. You decided that you are a drink-a-day type of person. Maybe you say you are no good with finances. These limitations are put on you by you and you can change those limits by raising your standard.

If you want to find your true nature be spontaneous. It allows your real you to shine through. That is why when a person gets the chance to have their real you shine through. So watch Tony and start looking at what you want to change and make the change of raising your standard.

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