The First Year – EP52

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Big Brother Jake Warner – Ep 34

Tripp Lanier – Ep 39

Terry Tucker – Ep50

Coming next week Michael Mcpherson – Ep 53

I was on a few Podcasts

Senior Moments

The Pragmatic Idealist

The Flipped Lifestyle


From The Man Box To the 4 pillars

Talked a lot about Emotions and where they come from

We talked about how to make a statement about your life

And the different mindsets and why they matter to you.


Downloads: 2,130

First download was Nov 29, 2019

Thank you to the person who downloaded the whole back catalog on Nov 21

Gaana Is huge

Places that have listened

  • Zambia
  • Turkey
  • Trinidad
  • The Netherlands
  • England
  • Argentina
  • peru
  • Brazil
  • Morocco
  • Mexico


Still growing I am getting more and more people to the site. My getting 100 visitors is closer now that when I first started but I am not finally getting organic searches to my site which only started really happening this year.

New additions

The Question of the week

Where are we going?

Live event and more Brotherhood of Men

14 Incredible Starts to Your MorningStart your day off on the best foot

About Bryan Goodwin

I like being able to help people find their "why" and achieve the personal freedom they desire. Besides writing for Relaxed Male I also am a life coach. By helping men find the leader that is found in each and every one of us. I do this by encouraging men to get outdoors and find the balance they are missing. Realize that they need to be in contact with the outside as often as they can. It is not only good for them but for their families and relationships.

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