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Podcast ep2: We Are Missing The Connection

Reading Time: 4 minutes I called an audible this week and decided to change the direction of the podcast. One big problem I had was the audio quality was seriously lacking so I dropped my earbuds mic for just the microphone on my phone. This has increased my sound quality a lot and the sound will improve down the road when I get a digital recorder for the show. The other reason I changed some stuff in this show already is that I got called back to why I was doing my blog and now this podcast. The reason is that we are losing …

Talking about suicide and how to keep out loved ones alive

Lets Talk Suicide

Reading Time: 7 minutes This week was supposed to be about smiling and how it brings positive attitudes. But, that’s not going to happen this week. Instead, we are going down a sadder road. My personal world was recently rocked by a friend of mine who killed himself. I have had people who I know who have committed suicides before, but this is the first person who was a close friend. I had a coworker who suddenly was never going to clap me on the shoulder and say its good to see you. That was a bit of a shock. Yet he wasn’t as close …