How To Chase Your Desires

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Today’s video is by a channel that goes by the Fearless Man. Great name by the way. He explains how you can chase your dreams and have a more likely chance of getting it.

Many people go after dreams desires and goals and think they just make it and wonder why it isn’t achieved. There are also the people who make goals try to take steps to achieve them but they still fail because in their heart they really don’t believe they can make it.

So the Fearless Man has some very helpful suggestions that will help implant your desire into the best soil in your heart for it to grow and become reality. He explains that many times the reason we fail at chasing our dreams is that we have an upper limit challenge. This is a thermostat of where we are comfortable with success. Many times when we go past the limit we get ill or we have something happen that knocks us back down to the level we are comfortable at. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Yet look at any lottery winner who has come into millions and within a short amount of time, they have no money and are right back where they were. That is the upper limit challenge.

Many times if we are not comfortable with our dreams we will find every way to keep from achieving that dream. For me, I am running into a limit challenge right now. Every time I start working on my business plans I get exhausted and want to go take a nap. I know and fully understand that I am hitting my upper limit challenge. I am fighting the desire to make a live event to get some guys out into nature and help them to find a balance in their life. There are sections of it that are out of my comfort range, mainly the price that I am working through.

So how do you get your desire to rest solidly in your heart and mind?

20 Reasons

First, he suggests you write 20 reasons as to why you want this dream. Can you come up with 20 reasons? If not then keep trying till you have 20 reasons why you want this dream. Maybe the reasons could be it allows you to buy the house you want. Maybe it will allow you to buy your parents’ house. That way they can live in security more. The reasons are entirely dependent on you.

 If you still have problems then you might step back a little and look at 20 reasons as to why you don’t want this dream to come true. This can help solidify and allows your brain to actually see what you want to do. It gets the reasons as to why and maybe why not out of the echo chamber of your mind and makes it a solid reason. When you write a goal or dream down on physical paper you make it real. It has validity to your mind, so that way you are more likely to remember it and pursue that desire.

Think on It

Once you have your list made then you need to apply those reasons to your meditation. Think of the whys let them set in your mind. Allowing yourself to stew in your thoughts will allow your brain to create ways that you will be able to achieve that desire. As you start to believe the goal will happen more and more your thoughts and actions both start pointing to why you can reach this dream instead of it being just a dream.

Go Get It

Finally, you have to make the very conscious choice of you are going to reach this desire. Your dream will be attained and you will do the work that is necessary to cross that finish line. To do that though you have to believe you can get it.

So watch the Fearless man explain the details as to why this tactic works so well.

Have a great week talk again soon.

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