Find your spot outdoors

Finding Your Spot Outdoors

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As I have mentioned several times I like the outdoors. There are mental and physical benefits of sending just half a day outside. If you are having a problem you will hear me say get outdoors. Take a break and step outside for a short while. Though you may hear of horrible things outside like pollution, and dive-bombing birds there is more to gain than to lose when you venture out on the bright side of the house.


When a guy goes outside there are several benefits that happen all at once. You get more Vitamin D. The Vitamin D complex helps in a myriad of ways. First, it helps with calcium absorbs into your bones. So your bones get stronger. Vitamin D is also used by your body to give you energy. So you get a pep in your step. This is one of the reasons why you feel more energized when you go outside. Vitamin D is created by your body when it is exposed to Sunlight. Yes, people may want you to worry about skin cancer and that is a possibility. So wear sunblock but get that sun

Another benefit for guys is a mental effect of direct sunlight on a man’s attitude. In fact, this isn’t only a guy think it is the great outdoors if benefits women too. According to a Time article, the sun helps alleviate depression and other mood disorders. So, get out in the sun. Especially you guys.

With the help of the sun, you can actually help start changing who you are. If you are like me you have found your self to be a bit crappy. You are one step away from hiking your pants up to your armpits and yelling at the kids to get off your lawn. Your driving home should be a joy but you often think of stopping by the bar just to put off having to go home.

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Maybe you feel trapped in your professional choice. Maybe the marriage has lost all of its flames you are are living with the perfect roommate. When you use to sleep with a seductress. The Drive isn’t gone it’s just not as strong.

Maybe you are seeing yourself in the mirror and you are rocking the dad bod and it is depressing you. I firmly believe that the change of your mindset and how you perceive your environment is all part of being indoors too much. Believe me, I am in the same boat. I am overweight by a good 60 pounds. I see the young confident chap that was me 20 years ago.

Why is the outdoors so good for guys?

I am finding out that the sun and fresh air is the big reason for many guys frame of mind. Besides being raised with a cant do attitude. These men are spending too much time indoors. The damage is increased even more when we sit for too long be it from your desk or driving. Out body wasn’t meant to sit still all day long. This is one of the reasons we get fat because we are wanting to eat like we are stacking bales of hay. When the heaviest thing we lift is our own bodies.

This is why when you get outdoors it is giving you benefits right from the start. It gets the blood pumping. may not be much but you are increasing your heart rate. The brisker the stroll the more blood you are pumping.

The more blood that flows through your body the more oxygen you need so you actually deliver more oxygen to your brain. When you deliver more oxygen to your brain it can’t help but start thinking. This principle also is applied when you take a shower in the morning. That is why you have some of the better ideas in the shower and when you are walking. If you go walking and don’t turn on the music let your brain wander you will be surprised at what helpful thoughts you get.

The other advantage is the mood improvements you receive from the sun and I talked about that a short moment earlier. The sun changes your mood and if you are feeling sour and pissed off. It is difficult when the sun is shining down on you.

Find your inner peace

Now I am partial to the forested areas. At the same time, I know that forests run the risk of chiggers, Poison Ivy, and other itching factors. Yet, there is something about the cool green smell of a forest.

You know what I am talking about right? Most of the time I find it in the spring it has been moist outside because of high humidity. Maybe there is a light ground fog. Think of that smell. If you cant you are missing out. FInd a forest in April and go wonder in the morning you will eventually find that green smell.

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Anyhow, Have you ever found yourself walking and just all of a sudden found yourself at peace? As you strolled down a path realized you were grinning? Have you ever felt at peace?


There are times I can find a place that just fits with me. I don’t know if it is something woo-woo or a divinity guiding me. Maybe it’s mother earth. Yet when you find a place they make you feel at peace. Stop and sit for a moment. Embrace that sensation you experience as you are sitting on the ground. Commit to memory what peace feels like that place can help ground you in your chaotic world.

If this place of peace is close to your house. that may give you a chance to return to it from time to time and give you a brief respite from that day’s turmoil. If it isn’t close you can still remember the feeling. With a little practice, you can bring that feeling back to your now.

You can use that sense of peace as a stepping stone to change your mindset. Remember as Peter Pan said find your happy place

It’s a mindset

When you have that peace from outdoors it can help you change your mindset. You can keep from jumping to conclusions. Which is the most dangerous cliff you can jump from? When life is chaotic that is when you know your life is out of balance you have lost control. So step back look at your life and see if you can get a good balance back.

Have you found a place that gives you the peace you want? Where was it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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I like being able to help people find their "why" and achieve the personal freedom they desire. Besides writing for Relaxed Male I also am a life coach. By helping men find the leader that is found in each and every one of us. I do this by encouraging men to get outdoors and find the balance they are missing. Realize that they need to be in contact with the outside as often as they can. It is not only good for them but for their families and relationships.


  1. Great post! I always feel better after taking a walk and being in the sun. Now if the pollen count will just go down here!!

    1. Amen to that. I have been sneezing my head off.

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