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Make a Statement About Your Life – EP 48

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Question of The Week by The Brotherhood Of Men Read Bryan Goodwin's answer to How can I get good grades living with a toxic family? My stepdad hates me and always starts yelling at my mom or just in general when it is lecture or test. on Quora Main Topic Have you even made a Life Statement? Do you even know what A life statement is? What is a life statement? This is a statement that give you direction into the best way to use your talents and your core values to help you make the best impact in …

Find Who You Are – EP 47

Reading Time: < 1 minute When searching for yourself and what your purpose is, start with the core. Your core values are way more important for your navigation of life than many want to believe.

Don’t Settle – EP 46

Reading Time: < 1 minute Question of the Week by The Brotherhood of Men Read Bryan Goodwin‘s answer to Why do grandparents like to create quarrels in the house? on Quora Main Topic Why you don’t want to become complacent. Becoming complacent causes you to rust. you miss many different opportunities that if you are on the lookout you could easily find. I call this complacency rusting. Because we men lose valuable skills when we start to rust. You can find rust forming on the 4 pillars of a Relaxed Male. Examples of rusting Mind – Fixed beliefs and excuses as to why you can’t …

Listening to Podcasts – Ep 44

Reading Time: < 1 minute Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. With more hit shows comes more recognition and more people show up. This week had International Podcast Day t. This is a celebration of all things podcasts. It is a great event and I love being apart of the podcasters in the community. So why are podcasts great? Because they allow for a free flow of information. You can find out all you could possibly know about a topic in podcasts. There are topics about everything these days. If you cant find one you like then guess who might want to make a …