7 ways to be a great leader

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Congrats, you are a leader. You have chosen to be a leader and so you are now a leader. There are a few things about being a leader you should know. Being a leader is not easy the more people you lead the more subordinates will have to be firmly pressed under your thumb.

So with you wanting to be a leader of work, your family, Scout troop, or even a government position you have that opportunity. You have worked tirelessly to get to this point and it is time for your organization to start running right.  It has been running slipshod for way too long. You know how to fix this and fix it right.

You have earned this position. You have climbed over the backs of so many who didn’t deserve the position. Several people, you destroyed more than likely were spending time under the bosses desk because how else were they able to keep their position so long while being so inept.

So you are now the leader of your group. You are the boss. It is time to call the shots. Get the ball rolling. So here are 7 ways you will be a great leader.

Yell all the time

You have to strike fear into your team. You have to make sure they properly jump when you say so. They can ask how high while they are in the air. You want action and you want it yesterday! So Yell and holler at your team.

To properly do this You want to stomp around with your shoulders slightly hunched. You do this because you are carrying this office and it is a heavy responsibility. As you walk the halls walk with purpose. When some moron has flubbed a sale stomp around.

Leaders get respect by not yelling all the time

Don’t talk to your team they may think you are their friend. That is the last thing you have time for is water cooler chatter. In fact, why is everybody standing around? I don’t pay you to drink water or coffee! MOVE! So new leader Yell early and yell often.

Tell people what to do

When it comes to what you want to be done sadly those who have somehow survived your diatribes and survived are now needing to know how to do what you are wanting to be done. So make sure you tell them what to do.

Walk them through step by step of the process you want them to do. If they try to think of some way that is different and is better then your way then fire that person and take their idea as your own.  That way you look smart to your boss.

Leaders also ask questions

Besides their job isn’t to be creative. Their purpose is to make this your organization look good. To do that you have to micromanage the soul out of the people. They will come to realize how hard you work and that they should be proud of the very opportunity to be in your presence.

Explain how to do but don’t worry, your team doesn’t need to know the why’s of your system. You have worked hard on your systems and that is all they need to know how much work you have done. Don’t worry about your team they won’t ever work as hard as you have.

Blame others

Now sadly these numbskulls that are working under you won’t always do it right. They are incapable of seeing the big picture. It’s not heir fault really. Yet sometimes your boss will come down and want to know why you are over budget, or why a project is taking so long. Your boss may be irritated or even downright mad.

When he asks, make sure you tell him who to blame. Let them know that Rogers in sales ran up several tabs while out on his sales trip. Then again it could be Banks again he is just slow and well he is going through that divorce.

Whatever the problem, let the boss know that it isn’t your fault. This does two things one lets the boss know that you are blameless. While also letting your subordinates know that if they don’t act right and stop making you look bad. The head boss will eventually get tired of all this slacking and fire them.

Leaders Take responsability

Point out their shortcoming

While your underlings are screwing up. Make sure to publicly shame them. Point out all that they do wrong. Point out their flaws, and in front of as large of a crowd as possible. This makes you look good while they are being shamed.

All aspects of your subordinates life is up for grabs. Does Roberts oldest son have a drug problem? That is ammunition for some epic berating. Let them see that since they can’t even manage their own family they have to be told exactly what to do.

This helps exemplify how totally awesome you and your life is. While being an example to the lower levels on how to act. You would not have become the leader if you were not perfect for the job. If you had some shortcoming then you worked to exercise that problem from your life.

Keep your hands clean

Now when your crew is down in the trenches. Don’t go to where they are. You always make them come to you. You also can show more power by having a place to make them wait and then make them wait an extra long time because you control their time.

Direct from afar lead from behind. Never ever go to them. Also what if you have an important dinner engagement with a high dollar client? You can get dirty. You have $300 shoes on and the fact that you might soil them by walking the yard is ghastly to even think about. So If you can install a PA system. That way you can really let everybody know when someone screwed up.

Leaders get in the trenches with the troops

Make lots of Examples

Make an example of each person. When they say something wrong immediately call them out on it. Let them know what they are supposed to say. You might have them repeat the proper way to say it several times that way they learn.

You also can get bonus points for doing it in front of the boss and mega points if you do in front of other customers. This shows that you run a tight ship and there are ramifications when one screws the pooch. You show the team who is responsible for their overall happiness and morale. They know it isn’t your shortcoming it’s theirs. They have all the power to be a happy unit. They just need to follow what you tell them.

Leaders come from an abundant mindset

Remind them YOU are their leader

There is nothing like driving the point home as to who the boss really is then to stomp your foot down and proclaim it loudly. If you can work a jump up and down motions to that proclamation you really expertly drive the point home.

Make sure to tell them if they give any lip or back talk at all that YOU ARE THE BOSS. They have to be reminded about that often. Especially when it is crunch time and things are not going quite as planned. If someone tries to get creative then you can shut that thought down quick.

So often people want to know how they can become a leader they hear about being an Alpha male and wonder if they can change their station in life. We all know only the strong can survive and the weak have to work before they can be strong. The strong leaders rule with the needed force of Ultimate blame and anger. Do the same you will have people run to you for your leadership expertise.

Leaders don't have to be evil

So you got to the bottom something isn’t really ringing true with those 7 ways you become a great leader, is it? That would be because your natural internal leader is screaming to the contrary. You have the power to be a great leader. We all do, you just have to believe and have the confidence to lead. You can lead your family and co-workers in a positive mindset. If you shrunk back from any of that horrible advice breathe easy you are just fine. If you would like more details to go and look at the Natural Leader Mastermind.

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