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3 Movies About Unbound Anger

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Ok first off yeah I am breaking format a little bit in that these aren’t so many helpful links about this weeks topic. But honestly, I couldn’t really find anything that really fit the topic. So I thought I would have some fun and talk about three movies that about people just being angry. With it being October to boot that just makes it that much more fun cause you can’t be serious all the time.

The Incredible Hulk

Ok First off if you are going to talk about Anger or rage and The Big Green dude doesn’t come to mind then that would explain the confusion. The Incredible Hulk is one of the greatest superheroes with anger management issues. More than likely you already know the story of how Bruce Banner came to be.

Yet this story shows so much of how anger can be good when it is directed in the proper way. There have been several movies that have tried to contain the hulk but only the Avengers have really been able to take the hulk start to show the complexity of this superhero.

Now if you are superhero movie aficionado you are probably saying What the Ed Norton version? Well yeah, I believe this one is better than the Eric Bana show though they do show his abilities to jump a lot better in that movie. but Popcorn eating a good time with the family Ed Norton as Bruce is a fun time.

Friday The 13th

Now, what happens when you have a camp full of teenagers who are hopped up on hormones? Well, lots of nookie and inattentiveness. Sadly in Friday the 13th a child drowns while spending time at Camp Crystal Lake.

The Camp then reopens and as the new teenage counselors show up they start being knocked off one by one. Why? Well Because of Jason Vorhees of course.

This is a movie that shows that if you don’t let the anger go you may not get all that much rest. Walking around at night. killing teenagers who are just trying to get their rocks off. Talk about holding a grudge.

This is an awesome sleepover camp killer movie that completes just about any Bluray collection.

28 Days Later

Now, what happens when you take zombies and make them have a very bad day? You get the people who are infected with the Rage Virus from 28 Days Later. When it comes to zombie movies 28 days is one of the best most successful flicks you can come across.

Who knew that zombies could run full out in such a terrifying fashion? Apparently, that doesn’t always just shuffle around like they do in The Walking Dead. So want to see a bunch of ticked of dead people scramble after the last few survivors in England then watch with glee.

Ok, there you go an impromptu list of three movies about someone who is just flat out irritated about something. What movie do you think should be on this list I may expand it if there is enough input.

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